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Welcome to the CQRS Journey project wiki!

Advisory #2

** Updated ** A copy of the diagrams and the related questions that we showed in the advisory can be found on this page in the wiki: Simplified Booking Scenario. Please feel free to provide feedback and comments.


We are starting to populate a glossary of terms that we will use as working definitions.

Please provide any feedback you have on these definitions: we plan to use them in the guidance docs.

Ubiquitous Language

We are starting to populate a page with definitions of the ubiquitous lanaguage we are using on the project.

Feel free to make comments about any of these terms or suggest new ones that may be useful.


We would love to hear your thoughts, be it comments, suggestions, ideas or anything else. However, in the end we are creating Microsoft guidance. So we’ll happily take your feedback but you need to understand that by providing us feedback in any form you are agreeing that (i) we may freely use, disclose, reproduce, modify, license, distribute and otherwise commercialize your feedback in any Microsoft product, technology, service, specification or other documentation, (ii) others may use, disclose, reproduce, license, distribute and otherwise commercialize your feedback in connection with our products and services, and (iii) you will not be compensated for any of these things. We may incorporate ideas or make changes based on comments you make, or we may make changes to the product that are indirectly influenced by discussions that we have with you and other folks in the community.