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antirez committed May 13, 2010
1 parent 9682a58 commit 7a121e60f2c079a9d6556971d05c06da2383b66a
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@@ -38,18 +38,22 @@ ae_kqueue.o: ae_kqueue.c
ae_select.o: ae_select.c
anet.o: anet.c fmacros.h anet.h
dict.o: dict.c fmacros.h dict.h zmalloc.h
-linenoise.o: linenoise.c
+dict2.o: dict2.c fmacros.h dict2.h zmalloc.h
+linenoise.o: linenoise.c fmacros.h
lzf_c.o: lzf_c.c lzfP.h
lzf_d.o: lzf_d.c lzfP.h
pqsort.o: pqsort.c
+printraw.o: printraw.c
redis-benchmark.o: redis-benchmark.c fmacros.h ae.h anet.h sds.h adlist.h \
+redis-check-aof.o: redis-check-aof.c fmacros.h config.h
redis-check-dump.o: redis-check-dump.c lzf.h
redis-cli.o: redis-cli.c fmacros.h anet.h sds.h adlist.h zmalloc.h \
redis.o: redis.c fmacros.h config.h redis.h ae.h sds.h anet.h dict.h \
adlist.h zmalloc.h lzf.h pqsort.h zipmap.h staticsymbols.h
sds.o: sds.c sds.h zmalloc.h
+test.o: test.c dict2.h
zipmap.o: zipmap.c zmalloc.h
zmalloc.o: zmalloc.c config.h

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