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module VORLON {
export class SampleClient extends ClientPlugin {
constructor() {
super("sample"); // Name
this._ready = true; // No need to wait
//Return unique id for your plugin
public getID(): string {
return "SAMPLE";
public refresh(): void {
//override this method with cleanup work that needs to happen
//as the user switches between clients on the dashboard
//we don't really need to do anything in this sample
// This code will run on the client //////////////////////
// Start the clientside code
public startClientSide(): void {
//don't actually need to do anything at startup
// Handle messages from the dashboard, on the client
public onRealtimeMessageReceivedFromDashboardSide(receivedObject: any): void {
console.log('Got message from sample plugin', receivedObject.message);
//The dashboard will send us an object like { message: 'hello' }
//Let's just return it, reversed
var data = {
message: receivedObject.message.split("").reverse().join("")
//Register the plugin with vorlon core
Core.RegisterClientPlugin(new SampleClient());