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CommandBarPopup.Copy method (Office)

CommandBarPopup.Copy method (Office)

Copies a CommandBarPopup control to an existing command bar.

[!NOTE] The use of CommandBars in some Microsoft Office applications has been superseded by the new ribbon component of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. For more information, see Overview of the Office Fluent ribbon.


expression.Copy (Bar, Before)

expression A variable that represents a CommandBarPopup object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Bar Optional Variant A CommandBar object that represents the destination command bar. If this argument is omitted, the control is copied to the command bar where the control already exists.
Before Optional Variant A number that indicates the position for the new control on the command bar. The new control will be inserted before the control at this position. If this argument is omitted, the control is copied to the end of the command bar.

Return value


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