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SharedWorkspaceLink object (Office)

SharedWorkspaceLink object (Office)

Represents a URL link saved in a shared document workspace site.

[!NOTE] Beginning with Microsoft Office 2010, this object or member has been deprecated and should not be used.


Use the SharedWorkspaceLink object to manage links to additional documents and information of interest to the members who are collaborating on the documents in the shared workspace site.

Use the Item (index) property of the SharedWorkspaceLinks collection to return a specific SharedWorkspaceLink object.

Use the Description property to set the link description that appears on the Links tab of the Shared Workspace pane and on the workspace webpage. Use the URL property to set the destination address of the link. Use the Notes property to supply additional information about the link.

Use the Save method to upload changes to the server after you modify properties of the SharedWorkspaceLink object.

Use the CreatedBy, CreatedDate, ModifiedBy, and ModifiedDate properties to return information about the history of each link.


The following example modifies the first link in the shared workspace site to point to the Microsoft Developer Network home page, and then uploads the changes to the server.

    Dim swsLink As Office.SharedWorkspaceLink 
    Set swsLink = ActiveWorkbook.SharedWorkspace.Links(1) 
    With swsLink 
        .Description = "MSDN Home Page" 
        .URL = "" 
        .Notes = "My favorite site for developers!" 
    End With 
    Set swsLink = Nothing 

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