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### YamlMime:YamlDocument
documentType: LandingData
title: Bing Custom Search Documentation
title: Bing Custom Search Documentation - Tutorials, API reference - Microsoft Cognitive Services | Microsoft Docs
description: Learn how to use the Bing Custom Search portal to create custom search instances
services: cognitive-services
author: v-deken
manager: cgronlun
layout: LandingPage
ms.service: cognitive-services
ms.tgt_pltfrm: na
ms.devlang: na
ms.topic: landing-page 05/07/2018 v-deken
description: Learn how to use Bing Custom Search to create tailored search experiences for topics that you care about. For example, if you own a bicycle website that provides a search experience, you can specify the domains, subsites, and webpages that Bing searches. Quickstarts, tutorials, and API reference guides show you how.
- title: 5-Minute Quickstarts
- type: paragraph
text: 'Search your custom view of the web using:'
- type: list
style: icon48
- image:
src: media/logo_Csharp.svg
href: call-endpoint-csharp
text: "C#"
- image:
src: media/logo_java.svg
href: call-endpoint-java
text: "Java"
- image:
src: media/logo_nodejs.svg
href: call-endpoint-nodejs
text: "Node.js"
- image:
src: media/logo_python.svg
href: call-endpoint-python
text: "Python"
- title: Step-by-Step Tutorial
- type: paragraph
text: 'Learn how to develop applications using the Bing Custom Search API:'
- type: paragraph
text: <a href="tutorials/custom-search-web-page">Build a Custom Search web page</a>
- title: Reference
- type: list
style: cards
className: cardsD
- title: APIs
html: <p><a href="">Bing Custom Search API v7</a></p><p><a href="">Bing Custom Autosuggest API v7</a></p><p><a href="">Bing Custom Image Search API v7</a></p><p><a href="">Bing Custom Video Search API v7</a></p>
- title: SDKs
html: <p><a href="">Bing Search SDK</a></p>