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There are some limits on the number of metrics and events per application, that is, per instrumentation key. Limits depend on the pricing plan that you choose.

Resource Default limit Note
Total data per day 100 GB You can reduce data by setting a cap. If you need more data, you can increase the limit in the portal, up to 1,000 GB. For capacities greater than 1,000 GB, send email to
Throttling 32,000 events/second The limit is measured over a minute.
Data retention 30 - 730 days This resource is for Search, Analytics, and Metrics Explorer.
Availability multi-step test detailed results retention 90 days This resource provides detailed results of each step.
Maximum telemetry item size 64 kB
Maximum telemetry items per batch 64 K
Property and metric name length 150 See type schemas.
Property value string length 8,192 See type schemas.
Trace and exception message length 32,768 See type schemas.
Availability tests count per app 100
Profiler data retention 5 days
Profiler data sent per day 10 GB

For more information, see About pricing and quotas in Application Insights.

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