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# Use Cloud Explorer for Visual Studio for Azure IoT Hub device management

![End-to-end diagram](media/iot-hug-device-management-visual-studio/iot_e-to-e_simple.png)
![End-to-end diagram](media/iot-hub-device-management-visual-studio/iot_e-to-e_simple.png)

[Cloud Explorer]( is a useful Visual Studio extension that enables you to view your Azure resources, inspect their properties and perform key developer actions from within Visual Studio. It comes with management options that you can use to perform various tasks.

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# IoT remote monitoring and notifications with Azure Logic Apps connecting your IoT hub and mailbox

![End-to-end diagram](media/iot-hub-monitoring-notifications-with-azure-lgoic-apps/iot-hub-e2e-logic-apps.png)
![End-to-end diagram](media/iot-hub-monitoring-notifications-with-azure-logic-apps/iot-hub-e2e-logic-apps.png)

[!INCLUDE [iot-hub-get-started-note](../../includes/]

@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@ As for property updates, `null` values means that the JSON object member is bein
> IoT Hub generates change notifications only when devices are connected. Make sure to implement the [device reconnection flow]( to keep the desired properties synchronized between IoT Hub and the device app.
For more information, see [Device twins developer's guide]((
For more information, see [Device twins developer's guide](

### Respond to a direct method

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