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MAPI Properties
Last modified: March 12, 2013

MAPI Properties

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

This section contains canonical properties that are supported by Microsoft Outlook Messaging API (MAPI). Each canonical property corresponds to one or multiple related MAPI properties. For more information on canonical properties, see MAPI Canonical Properties. For a general explanation of how MAPI works with properties and a list of the properties available for each object, see MAPI Property Overview. For information about the property-related macros, see the reference page for the SPropValue structure. For a comprehensive list of MAPI properties and their mappings to canonical property names, see Mapping MAPI Names to Canonical Property Names and Mapping Canonical Property Names to MAPI Names.

Note: Unlike members of OLE variant arrays, every member in a MAPI multivalued property array is of the same type.

See also

MAPI Reference

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