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Debugger Settings and Preparation | Microsoft Docs
debugger, setting options
debug builds, setting up

Debugger Settings and Preparation

This section describes the debugger-related property settings, and the preparation needed in order to debug your program with the [!INCLUDEvsprvs] debugger. If you create your program in [!INCLUDEvsprvs] using the project templates, these settings are set correctly for you in the Debug configuration.

For more information, see How to: Set Debug and Release Configurations.

In This Section

Debugger Project Settings Explains how to specify debugger settings, how to set debug and release configurations, and how to manage symbols and source code. Also describes appropriate project settings for C++, C#, F#, and Visual Basic debug configurations, as well as web projects.

Debugging DLL Projects Describes recommended project settings for debugging DLL projects, how to debug from a DLL project, how debug in mixed mode, and how to debug a managed-code Web Control Library.

Console Projects Provides instructions on how to configure console projects for debugging.

How to: Debug an Executable Not Part of a Visual Studio Solution Explains how to debug an executable that is not created as part of a Visual Studio project.

Debug 64-Bit Applications Describes how to debug 64-bit applications.

How to: Specify a .NET Framework Version For Debugging Describes how to set a registry key to indicate to the debugger which version to use.

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