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Download Build Artifacts task
Download Build Artifacts task for use in a build or release pipeline

Download Build Artifacts task

Azure Pipelines

Use this task in a build or release pipeline to download build artifacts.

::: moniker range="> tfs-2018"

YAML snippet

[!INCLUDE temp]

::: moniker-end


buildType(Required) Download artifacts produced by the current build, or from a specific build.
project(Required) The project from which to download the build artifacts
pipeline(Required) Select the build pipeline name
specificBuildWithTriggering(Optional) If true, this build task will try to download artifacts from the triggering build. If there is no triggering build from the specified pipeline, it will download artifacts from the build specified in the options below.
BuildVersionToDownload (Required) Specify which version of the build to download. Choose latest to download the latest available build version. Choose latestFromBranch to download the latest available build version of the branch specified by branchName and tags specified by tags. Choose specific to download the build version specified by buildId.
allowPartiallySucceededBuilds(Optional) If checked, this build task will try to download artifacts whether the build is succeeded or partially succeeded.
branchName(Required) Specify to filter on branch/ref name, for example: refs/heads/develop.
buildId(Required) The build from which to download the artifacts
tags(Optional) A comma-delimited list of tags. Only builds with these tags will be returned.
downloadType(Required) Choose whether to download a single artifact or all artifacts of a specific build.
artifactName(Required) The name of the artifact to download
itemPattern(Optional) Specify files to be downloaded as multi line minimatch pattern. More Information

The default pattern will download all files across all artifacts in the build if the "Specific files" option is selected. To download all files within an artifact drop use drop/.

downloadPath(Required) Path on the agent machine where the artifacts will be downloaded
parallelizationLimit(Optional) Number of files to download simultaneously
Control options

Open source

This task is open source on GitHub. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

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