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Missing Android Emulator documentation #1677

SinZ163 opened this Issue Sep 11, 2018 — with · 4 comments


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SinZ163 commented Sep 11, 2018 — with

There is a section on this article dedicated to testing on the Android Emulator, but the section just says it only works on a MacOS image, without giving any YAML on how to actually go about doing it

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DavidStaheli commented Sep 11, 2018

@PBoraMSFT, is this something your team wants to look at? We can chat about it too.


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john-mccartin-id commented Sep 17, 2018

@DavidStaheli My organization needs help on this as well. Could you point us in the right direction on this?


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AndreyMitsyk commented Oct 29, 2018

The example script below installs required android system-image, creates and starts emulator in background, and waiting for full android loading on emulator.

VSTS bash step (inline):

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Install system image
echo "y" | $ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin/sdkmanager --install 'system-images;android-27;google_apis;x86'

# Start ADB
$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/adb devices

# Create emulator
echo "no" | $ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin/avdmanager create avd -n test_android_emulator -k 'system-images;android-27;google_apis;x86' --force

# Start emulator in background
nohup $ANDROID_HOME/emulator/emulator -avd test_android_emulator -no-snapshot > /dev/null 2>&1 & $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/adb wait-for-device shell 'while [[ -z $(getprop sys.boot_completed | tr -d '\r') ]]; do sleep 1; done; input keyevent 82'

echo "Emulator started"

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janpio commented Nov 15, 2018

This works for vmImage: 'macOS-10.13' @AndreyMitsyk 👍

Any way to get Android Emulator working on ubuntu-16.04 and vs2017-win2016?

Windows and Linux currently both fail at the "start emulator" step. For Windows I don't have the correct command to start the emulator and check if it started successfully at the same time, for Linux the command from Mac just seems to run indefinitely :/

(On Linux I had to make the Android tools executable with chmod to get this far, otherwise I got /usr/local/lib/android/sdk/../tools/bin/sdkmanager: Permission denied)

Update on Windows: Many hoops to jump through later I got this on Windows:

2018-11-15T17:23:22.2688974Z emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
2018-11-15T17:23:22.2689801Z Please ensure Windows Hypervisor Platform (WHPX) is properly installed and usable.
2018-11-15T17:23:22.2689941Z CPU acceleration status: Android Emulator does not support nested virtualization.  Your VM host: 'Microsoft Hv' (Hyper-V)

Should have thought about that beforehand... Well. Lesson learned 🤷‍♂️

More Updates: End of the line for Linux as well it seems:

2018-11-15T20:51:41.1159301Z emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
2018-11-15T20:51:41.1160136Z Please ensure KVM is properly installed and usable.
2018-11-15T20:51:41.1160573Z CPU acceleration status: KVM requires a CPU that supports vmx or svm
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