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Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

wdsutil is a command-line utility used for managing your Windows Deployment Services server. To run these commands, click start, right-click Command prompt, and click Run as administrator.


Command Description
Using the add Command adds objects or prestages computers.
Using the Approve-AutoaddDevices Command Approves computers that are pending administrator approval.
Using the convert-RiprepImage Command converts an existing remote Installation Preparation (RIPrep) image to a Windows Image (.wim) file.
Using the copy Command Copies an image or a driver group.
Using the delete-AutoaddDevices Command deletes computers that are in the Auto-add database (which stores information about the computers on the server).
Using the Disable Command Disables all services for Windows Deployment Services.
Using the Disconnect-Client Command Disconnects a client from a multicast transmission or namespace.
Using the Enable Command Enables all services for Windows Deployment Services.
Using the Export-Image Command Exports an image from the image store to a .wim file.
Using The get Command Retrieves properties and attributes about the specified object.
Using the Initialize-Server Command Configures a Windows Deployment Services server for initial use.
Using the New Command creates new capture and discover images as well as multicast transmissions and namespaces.
The progress Command Displays the progress status while a command is being executed.
Using The Reject-AutoaddDevices Command Rejects computers that are pending administrator approval.
Using the remove Command removes objects.
Using the replace-Image Command replaces a boot or installation image with a new version of that image.
The Set Command Sets properties and attributes on the specified object.
The start Server Command starts all services on the Windows Deployment Services server, including multicast transmissions, namespaces, and the Transport Server.
The Stop Server Command Stops all services on the Windows Deployment Services server.
The uninitialize-Server Option reverts changes made during server initialization.
The Update-ServerFiles Command Updates server files on the remoteInstall share.
The verbose Command Displays verbose output for the specified command.
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