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Event logging
Event logging from Windows Admin Center (Project Honolulu)

Use event logging in Windows Admin Center to gain insight into management activities and track gateway usage

Applies To: Windows Admin Center, Windows Admin Center Preview

Windows Admin Center writes event logs to let you see the management activities being performed on the servers in your environment, as well as to help you troubleshoot any Windows Admin Center issues.

Gain insight into management activities in your environment through user action logging

Windows Admin Center provides insight into the management activities performed on the servers in your environment by logging actions to the Microsoft-ServerManagementExperience event channel in the event log of the managed server, with EventID 4000 and Source SMEGateway. Windows Admin Center only logs actions on the managed server, so you won't see events logged if a user accesses a server for read-only purposes.

Logged events include the following information:

Key Value
PowerShell PowerShell script name that was run on the server, if the action ran a PowerShell script
CIM CIM call that was run on the server, if the action ran a CIM call
Module Tool (or module) where the action was run
Gateway Name of the Windows Admin Center gateway machine where the action was run
UserOnGateway User name used to access the Windows Admin Center gateway and execute the action
UserOnTarget User name used to access the target managed server, if different from the userOnGateway (i.e. the user accessed using the server using "Manage as" credentials)
Delegation Boolean: if the target managed server trusts the gateway and credentials are delegated from the user's client machine
LAPS Boolean: if the user accessed the server using LAPS credentials
File name of the file uploaded, if the action was a file upload

Learn about Windows Admin Center activity with event logging

Windows Admin Center logs gateway activity to the event channel on the gateway computer to help you troubleshoot issues and view metrics on usage. These events are logged to the Microsoft-ServerManagementExperience event channel.

Learn more about troubleshooting Windows Admin Center.