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Note: The new Speech Service and SDK is replacing the Microsoft Translator Speech API, which will no longer work starting October 15, 2019. For information on switching to the Speech Service, see Migrating from the Custom Speech Service to the Speech Service.

Simple speech translation websocket client which communicates with Microsoft Translator speech translation service.

The sample stream an audio file (PCM 16bit 16kHz mono WAV) to the server and prints out the "Final text" from the server in console.

A sample file is provided "HelloWorld.wav"

You will need to setup a subscription with Microsoft Translator. [Click Here] ( to get started.

Speech API documentation can be [found here.] (


Java 1.8+ and Maven 3+

To install, navigate to the root directory (containing pom.xml) and execute

mvn clean install

this will download the dependencies

To get the list of languages

java -cp target\Java-Speech-Translate-1.0.0.jar;target\dependency-jars* Languages

To stream an audio file to our speech translate service

java -cp target\Java-Speech-Translate-1.0.0.jar;target\dependency-jars* SpeechWebSocketClient [AzureSubscriptionKey] [AudioFile]


The application has dependency on following external libraries, which are configured in pom.xml

[Jetty] ( For lightweight websocket client api

[GSON] ( For deserializing json response