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Mesamatrix is a PHP application that parses information from the Mesa Git repository and formats it in HTML.

Official website:



Mesamatrix requires the following software:

  • Composer
  • Git
  • PHP 5.6 or higher
    • php-json
    • php-xml

If you are installing from Git, you need to install the dependencies with Composer:

$ composer install

Configuration (optional)

There is a default config file in config/config.default.php. It provides default values for the application, but is overridden by config/config.php or any files matching config/*.config.php. It is advised to copy the default configuration to config/config.php and perform modifications on that.

Protip: You can enable debugging by changing info.log_level to Log::DEBUG.

Initial setup

For the initial setup, run the mesamatrixctl tool to clone the Mesa Git repository and generate the XML file:

$ ./mesamatrixctl setup

Update Mesa information

Once setup is done, you can run the two commands that are needed to get the latest informations from Mesa:

$ ./mesamatrixctl fetch
$ ./mesamatrixctl parse

These commands can be put into a crontab or similar scheduling facility, for automated operation of your Mesamatrix installation.

Set up the web interface

Configure your web server to point to the http directory. Be aware that if you give your webserver access to the whole root directory, there are no access controls preventing anyone from downloading the Mesa Git repository or other files!

At this point, you are done! Open your site in a web browser, and hopefully you will see the matrix of Mesa features!

CLI tool

The mesamatrixctl tool can be used to administer your Mesamatrix installation. It outputs very little by default, but can become more verbose when passed -v, -vv or -vvv for normal output, verbose output or debug output respectively.

Run ./mesamatrixctl list to see the available commands, or ./mesamatrixctl help for more detailed help.


Mesamatrix is available under the AGPLv3, a copy of which is available in LICENSE.

Third-party code libraries

  • jQuery is available under the MIT License.

  • jQuery Tipsy is available under the MIT License.

  • PSR Log is available under the MIT License.

  • Symfony is available under the MIT License.

Media files

The Mesamatrix banner image was created by Robin McCorkell, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Go tweak it, and send us your improvements!

The RSS feed icon is freely available from the Mozilla Foundation at

The GitHub 'Fork me' ribbon is available under the MIT license.


PHP script that parse the text file from the mesa git tree and format it in HTML.




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