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Added 'List' - fully expanded forum list to ACP #10

merged 114 commits into from Apr 23, 2012


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I have added the code which displays a fully expanded Forum list. The forum used, from Arca di Legno has three levels:

This works with the default template and proSilver blue, but needs work in mobile, to differentiate categories from forums, and possibly indent the sub-forums.

John leach added some commits Mar 9, 2012

Updated Ajax chat
Rewritten Javascript to use the jQuery library
Added json file format
Added automatic logout when leaving page
Added users signature to reduce data flow (like lastID but for online users)
Automatic read after add - improves response after user sends a message
Extracted HTML generation code to a separate file to ease template modification
Changed the DB storage to be congruent with posts, now stored as bbcode and parsed when read
Moved the notify.wav file from root to the default template
Using functionality check (PHP) to decide response type json or xml
Changed script tag commenting to latest 'best practice'
Cleaned up the Javascript syntax typeof as operator, check for own property, and so on.
Fixed sid mistake (forgot about the cookies) and reduced the session …
…timeout to twice the update refresh rate - some browsers don't send onunload when the browser is closed
Added information to allow CSS positioning of the thumbnail. Added S_…
…NO_PICS flag for easier template adjustments.
Removed various UTF-8 related calls. Restored original positioning of…
… the action code. Fixed table dimensions and generated CSS code.
Now using multiples of the shoutbox refresh time to remove outdated s…
…ession information - improves online user list feedback
Added ALIAS keyword. Allows iterators to be renamed so that INCLUDEd …
…templates can iterate differently named iterators and their data in a single file. Reduces template code duplication.
Copied parameters into the details iterator. Expanded user defined fi…
…eld data so that the template can 'paint' the HTML.
Added code to improve the page title, and create a 'standard' comment…
… editor as per private messages and postings.
Added flag to improve the distinction between normal and nuff imaging…
… display. Added CSS class for image navigation. Added thumbnail and full size image information for CSS image display.
Added SQL data to colorize the user. Added flag when first topic edit…
…ing. Added flag to distinguish between private message editing and topic editing.
Added SQL code when a specific category or forum is selected (via use…
…r profile when admin). Now using HTML truncation function to truncate message data.
Added jpeg to the file extensions list to match the explanation text.…
… Added the maximum file size to the explanation text.
Added topic author template data. Added views and replies template da…
…ta. Added post number without link generation.
Added views to the template data. Duplicated S_ prefixed names withou…
…t the prefix - to match naming used in other pages without breaking current template code.
Moved the majority of the AJAX code into this file.
Clone AjaxContext before ajax calls.
Fixed error reporting on abort (page exit) bug.
Substituted H_ prefixed data references for non prefixed data referen…
…ces. Now conforms with naming in other templates.
Substituted H_ prefixed data references for non prefixed data referen…
…ces. Now conforms with naming in other templates.
Substituted H_ prefixed data references for non prefixed data referen…
…ces. Now conforms with naming in other templates.

This current pull request now comprises the AJAX chat code (I have NOT yet merged cyberalien's code), together with a host of small additions/corrections to the code base. These have been tested against the Icy Phoenix default template.

CyberAlien's code has now been added to the Ajax Chat.

John leach added some commits Apr 15, 2012

Added new print page to display a printable version of a topic *witho…
…ut* any links or replies. This allows for topics shown as 'articles' to be printed.
Fixed missing messages, and link loss if an error message is displaye…
…d. As a side effect, you can now directly pass an URL (encoded of course) to the page using topic_link=http://....
Configurable block 'forum_articles' - similar to forum_attach, except…
… that:

 - It produces a list of forum topics (articles) or
 - displays a single forum topic (article) in 'news' format
 - It provides a print page without references to the original topic
 - It provides a 'tell a friend' link without reference to the original topic
 - It works in a CMS page without requiring a physical file

Designed to be used where a private forum is used to produce articles.

Modifications made to class_topics fetch_posts function:
 - A negative text_length value stops the topic text from being processed
- other files calling fetch_posts trimmed and adjusted
Normalised the PAGINATION variable.
Either has the value ' ' or a pagination list, in *all* cases.
Removed style tag in Ajax chat - it could only legally appear inside …
…the head tag.

Created three CSS classes in common.css to substitute.
Added smiley line to private message quick reply.
Fixed loss of pm when preview clicked from quick reply.
Album refactoring to call functions to build template variables - red…
…uces repeated code.

Fixed album-search template and added pagination code.
Modified album search SQL to check categories - was returning images in categories that the user does not have permission to see.
Modified templates for album refactoring.
Added JS function to (just) open and focus the quick reply editor.
Added single fields to the event registration template variables.
Added titles to the quick editor button.
Added default album picture sort method and order to ACP.
Fixed wrongly named sort order parameter.
Fixed next/last link problem on first/last picture (displays when ope…
…ned from a list)

Added CDATA section to social bookmarks Javascript
Fixed next/prev display bug for the first/last picture (probably caus…
…ed by a previous modification).

Removed numeric check from exif analysis - causing a critical error probably due to UTF-8 encoding.

@MightyGorgon MightyGorgon merged commit b361b31 into MightyGorgon:master Apr 23, 2012

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