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First try to making Icy Phoenix having "soft deletable" posts and topics. Posts should be good, but topics still needs change.
There isn't any template integration ATM. It requires more and more testing, I've just tested it basically.

Informpro added some commits Jun 5, 2011

@Informpro Informpro first try with "soft delete" 6bc3604
@Informpro Informpro Add .gitignore. Almost finished softdelete (or call it "approval").
Added a mode "raw delete" with ensure this post won't be visible, even for admin. May be useful in the log, if you want to see which post have been raw-deleted. Still a little thing to do : When ensuring the post doesn't have anymore post (if ($post_data['first/last_post'])) it uses $post_data with deleted != 2.
It should query like that, but should then add a foreach to remove deleted == 1 posts, to treat it differently.
IE: the topic should be marked as deleted if there's no more post with deleted = 0 BUT it shouldn't deleted events as poll and stuff like that.
@Informpro Informpro move post approval types to constants. 39d9562
@Informpro Informpro fix schema (thanks mort for reporting) + fix typo (POST_APPROVAL) e8646f3

vendethiel commented Nov 18, 2012

I sure need to rebase it, but as I told (MG), it works the same.


vendethiel commented Sep 20, 2013

Well, I think you can close it at this point ...


MightyGorgon commented Sep 21, 2013

It's a pity we didn't work properly on this... anyway we will implement something similar sooner or later.

This was referenced Nov 3, 2014

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