@Vexatos Vexatos released this Mar 11, 2018 · 18 commits to master-MC1.7.10 since this release

Assets 6

New Features/Support

  • Added: Sheep Power (and ocelot power)
    • Carpeted Capacitors exist now. They work and connect just like normal capacitors and form blocks with them.
    • Carpeted Capacitors generate power when sheep or ocelots walk on them.
    • Power is generated when at least 2 of a type of animal are present. A single sheep and a single ocelot generate no power.
    • Ocelots are notorious for their tendency to summon electrostatic fields from the feline dimension. They generate more power than sheep do.
    • Yes, this means you can now use OC without any energy-producing mod again without having to change the config.
    • Insert interesting reference mentioning electric sheep here
  • Changed: Lua 5.3 is now the default architecture for newly crafted CPUs
    • CPUs that were crafted prior to this update will continue running whichever architecture they were set to, or Lua 5.2
  • Added: Tier 1 Wireless Network Card (TheCodex6824)
    • Can only have one open port at a time
    • Has a signal strength of 16 blocks
    • The already existing wireless network card is now the Tier 2 card, has not been changed in any other way.
  • Added: Creative Component Bus (Xyxen)
    • Allows servers to support up to 1024 components
  • Added: You can now change the name of a robot using another computer.
    • Added setName and getName to robots.
    • Computers connected to the robot can access the robot as a component to call these functions.
    • The Robot must be shut down for this to work
  • Fixed: Certain characters and glyph width in screen rendering
  • Fixed: Blocks with inventories failing to save under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Drones with chunkloader upgrades not always properly loading chunks (TheCodex6824)
  • Fixed: AppliedEnergistics 2 integration
    • Certain filters for getItemsInNetwork() not working
    • getCpus() not returning the correct number
    • exportIntoSlot() not working
    • Added isCraftable to gathered item data
  • Fixed: computer.addUser not erroring properly
  • Fixed: Made cable collision box closer to cable shape (SquidDev)
  • Fixed: Crafting Upgrade not always crafting what it should be crafting
  • Fixed: Crafting Upgrade making items uncraftable
  • Fixed: Motion Sensor still not working properly
  • Fixed: Robots interacting with items that directly modify their inventory (like IC2 fluid cells)
  • Fixed: Potential memory leak in networking code
  • Fixed: getMetadata on the Debug Card on Minecraft 1.10 and above (BrisingrAerowing)
  • Added: getBlockState for the Debug Card on Minecraft 1.10 and above (BrisingrAerowing)
  • Fixed: Crafting a robot or drone with an EEPROM not working on Minecraft 1.12
  • Fixed: getAllStacks() on the Inventory Controller Upgrade and Transposer has been backported to Minecraft 1.7.10.
  • Misc: Updated French translation (Naheulf)

OpenOS fixes/improvements

  • Fixed: install.lua now should work more like one would expect
  • Changed: uuid.lua is now generating valid RFC4122 version 4 UUIDs (jobe1986)
  • Fixed: Various fixes to vt100 support
  • Fixed: Memory leak in process loading
  • Fixed: Made modifier keypresses more specific in /bin/edit

List of contributors

payonel, Vexatos,
Xyxen, TheCodex6824, SquidDev,
BrisingrAerowing, jobe1986,
Naheulf, SDPhantom,
Zerotiger, anar4732

@Vexatos Vexatos released this Dec 11, 2017 · 63 commits to master-MC1.7.10 since this release

Assets 6

New Features/Support/Fixes

  • Changed: Diamond Chip recipe
    • You now require cutting wire to cut the diamond.
  • Added: ExtraCells and Mekanism integration (DrummerMC) [1.10.2]
  • Added: ComputerCraft support is back [1.12.2]
  • Fixed: Accessing disk drives and other containers in Tablets [1.11.2]
  • Fixed: Putting items into Database Upgrades [1.11.2]
  • Fixed: IC2-Classic mod incompatibility
  • Added: Allow getting yaw of player through tablet component (ChristoCoder)
  • Fixed: Microcontroller interactions with EnderIO item conduits
  • Added: Maximum packet parts to device info of modems (Linked and Network Cards)
  • Fixed: Drones now properly work with chunkloader upgrades (TheCodex6824)
  • Fixed: Tablets not turning off their screen properly (AmandaCameron)
  • Fixed: Motion Sensor line of sight
  • Misc: Updated various translations
    • Russian (S0ZDATEL, Fingercomp, makkarpov)
    • Traditional Chinese (mymagadsl)
    • German (Nex4rius)

OpenOS fixes/improvements

  • Fixed: Issues with booting OpenOS on very slow servers
  • Added: Allow custom error objects to print to stderr
  • Added: Allow mount points to use existing directories
  • Added: Bind mounts to mount a directory as another directory
  • Fixed: Allow .shrc to use tty stdin
  • Added: Lua REPL input is now parsed with an implicit return (SquidDev)
    • Adding a = in front of the code to explicitly add it still works.
  • Changed: Shell history no longer adds items if they are duplicates (SquidDev)
  • Fixed: CTCP messages in IRC client (Michiyo, skyem123)
  • Fixed: Reverse lookup of keys in Keyboard API
  • Fixed: event.cancel and event.ignore
  • Fixed: Protect lua shell from serialization OOM failure
  • Fixed: Too long without yielding error in /bin/tree (LeshaInc)
  • Misc: Improvements to the vt100 library
  • Misc: Various minor improvements to reduce memory usage

List of contributors

payonel, Vexatos,
S0ZDATEL, Fingercomp, makkarpov,
mymagadsl, Nex4rius, ChristoCoder,
DrummerMC, LeshaInc, SquidDev, Michiyo,
josephcsible, skyem123, TheCodex6824,
AmandaCameron, Pwootage

@payonel payonel released this Oct 14, 2017 · 109 commits to master-MC1.7.10 since this release

Assets 8

New Features/Support

  • Added: 1.12 and 1.11 support
  • Added: New OpenOS thread library
  • Added: Support for forge energy.
  • Added: Re-add ComputerCraft integration.
  • Added: Re-add Project: Red integration.
  • Added: Re-add WR-CBE Integration (thanks gamax92)
  • Added: Re-add IC2 integration.
  • Added: Re-add Waila/Hwyla integration.
  • Added: Motion Sensor is now an upgrade
  • Added: Converter for fluid tank properties.
  • Added: zh_CN and ru_RU localization
  • Added: AE2 Integration (thanks Leon)

OpenOS fix/improvements

  • Fixed: numerous areas of code cleanup
  • Fixed: memory cost reduced, Now requires ~140kB to boot to shell prompt
  • Fixed: boot time reduced dramatically
  • Fixed: /bin/ls fix for -p option to show / on dirs
  • Fixed: /lib/event fix for dispatching signals to timers
  • Fixed: /lib/keyboard reduced memory cost and fixed support for numpad in terminal
  • Fixed: loadfile fix to allow relative paths
  • Added: Separate core tty code from /lib/term, added vt100 support
  • Fixed: ENV and _G fixes for load, lua shell, and shell environment
  • Fixed: edge case in quoted whitespace in shell commands respected
  • Fixed: mv and cp error message conformance and cleanup
  • Fixed: install tool fixes
  • Fixed: fix exit code issues with ls and piping
  • Added: pastebin updates for https
  • Fixed: serialization performance greatly improved
  • Added: ls coloring now uses vt100 color codes in LS_COLORS
  • Added: new file listing tool: /bin/tree (thanks LeshaInc)

Other fixes/improvements

  • Fixed: robot screen freeze issue
  • Fixed: iron nuggets removed (vanilla has it now)
  • Fixed: Little bit of scala cleanup, API refactoring
  • Added: getAllStacks and getInventoryName to transposers and inventory controller upgrades for better inventory management. (thanks thiakil)
  • Added: More robots names (thanks Nexarius)
  • Added: Mouse release sends drop event even without drag
  • Fixed: Made tank controllers work better with blocks that provide multiple tanks.
  • Fixed: filesystem.copy() (#2432) (thanks SDPhantom)
  • Fixed: Make wtrunc count missing glyphs as 1 (thanks gamax92)
  • Fixed: Infinite loop in manual.
  • Fixed: Robots not being able to use all items properly.
  • Fixed: case where computers could run minecraft host machine cpu too high
  • Fixed: table returned by getAllStacks().getAll() being 0-based.
  • Fixed: Equipment slot actions.
  • Fixed: bounding box issues that affect things like waypoints

List of contributors

Sangar, payonel, Vexatos
modmuss50, SDPhantom, thiakil
gamax92, asiekierka, Wilma456, stone3311
Nexarius, loveyanbei, 28Smiles, cyber01, LeshaInc


@fnuecke fnuecke released this Feb 25, 2017

Assets 6
  • [MC1.10.2+] Update: Improved JEI integration. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.8.9+] Fixed: agents dropping items potentially deleting some. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.8.9+] Fixed: getName() on nanomachines crashing. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: blocks potentially not deinitializing on unload, leading to all kinds of issues (UUID changes in particular). (Sangar)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: broken keyboard rendering. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: commands breaking /help. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: missing potion effects in nanomachines. (Vexatos)
  • Added: Allow addons to register their floppies for loot disk cycling. (Vexatos)
  • Added: Allow debug cards to send messages to one another and text to a debug card. (Vexatos)
  • Added: Fire item toss event when agents try to drop items into the world. (Sangar)
  • Added: MFU. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: Card container in tablets not working. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: pastebin get, low mem loadfile. (payonel)
  • Fixed: screens stopping to respond in some configurations when their chunk is loaded. (Sangar)
  • Fixed: Several drones are dropped if screnched quickly. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: Waila's issue. (Sangar)
  • Update: German localization. (Vexatos)
  • Update: LuaJ and JNLua for better UTF-8 handling. (gamax92, Sangar)
  • Update: OpenOS 1.6.1. memory, performance, devfs, relative links, term safe slow write. (payonel)
  • Update: OPPM floppy to use new install features. Also updated OPPM. (Vexatos)
  • Update: Plan9k. (magik6k)

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Dec 17, 2016 · 48 commits to OC1.6-MC1.7.10 since this release

Assets 6
  • Added: Made wrenching an Adapter's side turn it off. (Vexatos)
  • Added: metadata-ignoring fuzzy option to robot.compare. (Vexatos)
  • Added: SignChangeEvent to sign upgrade (makkarpov)
  • Added: whitelisting of debug card owners. (makkarpov)
  • Added: [MC1.8.9+] Robots, Inventory Controller Upgrades, Transposers, etc. now support blocks and inventories with IItemHandler capabilities (Vexatos)
  • Added: [MC1.10] Scoreboard class modification functions to the debug card (RussellLong)
  • Added: [MC1.10] Re-added EnderIO integration and added Bundled Redstone support for EnderIO's Insulated Redstone Conduits (Vexatos)
  • Changed: Allow multiple environment providers to return environments for the same block (Vexatos)
  • Changed: massively major OpenOS update (payonel)
  • Changed: Updated Russian translation (MoonlightOwl)
  • Fixed: Allow draining dynamic liquid blocks if they're "full"
  • Fixed: bit32.lrotate and bit32.rrotate (fingercomp)
  • Fixed: broken c and e time formatting flags (gamax92)
  • Fixed: Check if the world is remote before killing the drone (joserobjr)
  • Fixed: disable fs.remove of devfs files (payonel)
  • Fixed: Don't consume XP items when upgrade is at max level.
  • Fixed: incompatibility with Sponge in robot movement logic. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: kernel naming in LuaJ (gamax92)
  • Fixed: Make Machine.signal less picky about the types of maps it accepts.
  • Fixed: Methods in ItemInventoryControl not doing what they are supposed to (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: NPE when other mods request tooltips before font renderer is ready
  • Fixed: os.time and os.date affected by host timezone (gamax92)
  • Fixed: Power mountables without requiring them to be connected to the outside.
  • Fixed: RedLogic redstone input reading. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: Validate NBT address of FileSystems (gamax92)
  • Fixed: [MC1.8.9+] Newly placed cases having zero energy buffer capacity.

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Dec 17, 2016 · 46 commits to OC1.6-MC1.7.10 since this release

Assets 6
  • Fixed: already existing adapters in the world having their sides closed. Not really important, except if you use the adapter for anything... critical. But who'd do that?

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Nov 12, 2016 · 102 commits to OC1.6-MC1.7.10 since this release

Assets 6
  • Added: Rack mountable floppy disk drive.
  • Added: Ability to interact with some item inventories using the inventory controller.
  • Added: Support for RotaryCraft power (uses same conversion ratio as AE2).
  • Added: Possiblity to define a viewport on GPUs, allowing to copy data from off-screen for performance trickery.
  • Added: Cables will now remember which color they have and can also be dyed by being crafted with a dye.
  • Added: Reenabled IC2 integration on 1.8.9.
  • Added: Possibility to cycle through loot disks by crafting them with a wrench (wrench is not consumed).
  • Added: Device info API. Devices may now provide generic information, queryable via computer.getDeviceInfo().
  • Added: More helpful messages when trying to run a missing program (when possible) via the new computer.getProgramLocations() API.
  • Added: Trading upgrade, allows trading with villagers (Inari-Whitebear).
  • Added: Allow defining custom HTTP request headers (invliD).
  • Added: debug.playSoundAt (gamax92).
  • Added: Parameter to specify AE2 CPU to use when requesting crafting (habnabit).
  • Added: ThaumicEnergistics integration (DrummerMC).
  • Added: Dyeing of hover boots to change light color (Vexatos).
  • Added: Network activity indicator on servers (magik6k).
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese translation (hws689).
  • Changed: Racks have been revamped. They can now house other things than servers and how things get connected is a lot more flexible now.
  • Changed: Remote terminals are now bound to remote terminal servers which are a new type of rack mountable.
  • Changed: Disk drives now also provide a component allowing to check for floppy presence and ejecting floppies.
  • Changed: Geolyzer scan area can now be customized to be an arbitrary cube instead of only columns. Total volume must not exceed column volume, though.
  • Changed: A couple of recipes. Introduced diamond shards/chips to avoid the massive diamond cost ramping of higher tier items.
  • Changed: New font for screens, unscii, sporting much better readability (asie). If you absolutely detest it even after giving it a fair chance, you can restore the old unifont one using a resource pack.
  • Changed: OpenOS got a major overhaul, in particular term related things, and also a few new built-in programs (payonel). This would deserve a changelog of its own, really...
  • Fixed: Pseudo-hangs when crafting a massive amount of a recipe that produces the same output as it has as input.
  • Fixed: A few GregTech recipes and related issues.
  • Fixed: Userdata handling in LuaJ.
  • Fixed: Power conversion for a couple of mods, oops.
  • Fixed: Performance issues caused by compressing data sent to clients too much.
  • Fixed: Performance issues caused by disk I/O when sending machine descriptor packets to clients (thanks to Player for pointing those two out to me; we need more BTMs).
  • Fixed: Updated LuaJ and fixed a few more bugs in it (gamax92).
  • Fixed: Mystcraft integration (ItsTheKais).
  • Fixed: Updated BC wrench integration.
  • Fixed: Robots being able to suck up certain flowing fluid blocks (effectively a liquid dupe bug).
  • Fixed: Generator eating container items if they weren't taken out in time.
  • Fixed: Disassembling tablets not dropping upgrade containers installed in them.
  • Fixed: Some broken saving logic in 1.8+ due to subtle lifecycle callback order changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed MCUs passing out messages other than network messages.
  • [API] Added: Added sided version of block drivers, deprecated non-sided one.
  • [API] Added: Processors/Memory may now define a provided call budget.
  • [API] Changed: Geolyzer related events due to custom scan area.