Patch 1.6.1 Hotfix 1

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Dec 17, 2016

  • Fixed: already existing adapters in the world having their sides closed. Not really important, except if you use the adapter for anything... critical. But who'd do that?


Patch 1.6.1

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Dec 17, 2016 · 2 commits to OC1.6-MC1.7.10 since this release

  • Added: Made wrenching an Adapter's side turn it off. (Vexatos)
  • Added: metadata-ignoring fuzzy option to (Vexatos)
  • Added: SignChangeEvent to sign upgrade (makkarpov)
  • Added: whitelisting of debug card owners. (makkarpov)
  • Added: [MC1.8.9+] Robots, Inventory Controller Upgrades, Transposers, etc. now support blocks and inventories with IItemHandler capabilities (Vexatos)
  • Added: [MC1.10] Scoreboard class modification functions to the debug card (RussellLong)
  • Added: [MC1.10] Re-added EnderIO integration and added Bundled Redstone support for EnderIO's Insulated Redstone Conduits (Vexatos)
  • Changed: Allow multiple environment providers to return environments for the same block (Vexatos)
  • Changed: massively major OpenOS update (payonel)
  • Changed: Updated Russian translation (MoonlightOwl)
  • Fixed: Allow draining dynamic liquid blocks if they're "full"
  • Fixed: bit32.lrotate and bit32.rrotate (fingercomp)
  • Fixed: broken c and e time formatting flags (gamax92)
  • Fixed: Check if the world is remote before killing the drone (joserobjr)
  • Fixed: disable fs.remove of devfs files (payonel)
  • Fixed: Don't consume XP items when upgrade is at max level.
  • Fixed: incompatibility with Sponge in robot movement logic. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: kernel naming in LuaJ (gamax92)
  • Fixed: Make Machine.signal less picky about the types of maps it accepts.
  • Fixed: Methods in ItemInventoryControl not doing what they are supposed to (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: NPE when other mods request tooltips before font renderer is ready
  • Fixed: os.time and affected by host timezone (gamax92)
  • Fixed: Power mountables without requiring them to be connected to the outside.
  • Fixed: RedLogic redstone input reading. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: Validate NBT address of FileSystems (gamax92)
  • Fixed: [MC1.8.9+] Newly placed cases having zero energy buffer capacity.


Version 1.6.0 - Guybrush Threepwood

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Nov 12, 2016 · 56 commits to OC1.6-MC1.7.10 since this release

  • Added: Rack mountable floppy disk drive.
  • Added: Ability to interact with some item inventories using the inventory controller.
  • Added: Support for RotaryCraft power (uses same conversion ratio as AE2).
  • Added: Possiblity to define a viewport on GPUs, allowing to copy data from off-screen for performance trickery.
  • Added: Cables will now remember which color they have and can also be dyed by being crafted with a dye.
  • Added: Reenabled IC2 integration on 1.8.9.
  • Added: Possibility to cycle through loot disks by crafting them with a wrench (wrench is not consumed).
  • Added: Device info API. Devices may now provide generic information, queryable via computer.getDeviceInfo().
  • Added: More helpful messages when trying to run a missing program (when possible) via the new computer.getProgramLocations() API.
  • Added: Trading upgrade, allows trading with villagers (Inari-Whitebear).
  • Added: Allow defining custom HTTP request headers (invliD).
  • Added: debug.playSoundAt (gamax92).
  • Added: Parameter to specify AE2 CPU to use when requesting crafting (habnabit).
  • Added: ThaumicEnergistics integration (DrummerMC).
  • Added: Dyeing of hover boots to change light color (Vexatos).
  • Added: Network activity indicator on servers (magik6k).
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese translation (hws689).
  • Changed: Racks have been revamped. They can now house other things than servers and how things get connected is a lot more flexible now.
  • Changed: Remote terminals are now bound to remote terminal servers which are a new type of rack mountable.
  • Changed: Disk drives now also provide a component allowing to check for floppy presence and ejecting floppies.
  • Changed: Geolyzer scan area can now be customized to be an arbitrary cube instead of only columns. Total volume must not exceed column volume, though.
  • Changed: A couple of recipes. Introduced diamond shards/chips to avoid the massive diamond cost ramping of higher tier items.
  • Changed: New font for screens, unscii, sporting much better readability (asie). If you absolutely detest it even after giving it a fair chance, you can restore the old unifont one using a resource pack.
  • Changed: OpenOS got a major overhaul, in particular term related things, and also a few new built-in programs (payonel). This would deserve a changelog of its own, really...
  • Fixed: Pseudo-hangs when crafting a massive amount of a recipe that produces the same output as it has as input.
  • Fixed: A few GregTech recipes and related issues.
  • Fixed: Userdata handling in LuaJ.
  • Fixed: Power conversion for a couple of mods, oops.
  • Fixed: Performance issues caused by compressing data sent to clients too much.
  • Fixed: Performance issues caused by disk I/O when sending machine descriptor packets to clients (thanks to Player for pointing those two out to me; we need more BTMs).
  • Fixed: Updated LuaJ and fixed a few more bugs in it (gamax92).
  • Fixed: Mystcraft integration (ItsTheKais).
  • Fixed: Updated BC wrench integration.
  • Fixed: Robots being able to suck up certain flowing fluid blocks (effectively a liquid dupe bug).
  • Fixed: Generator eating container items if they weren't taken out in time.
  • Fixed: Disassembling tablets not dropping upgrade containers installed in them.
  • Fixed: Some broken saving logic in 1.8+ due to subtle lifecycle callback order changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed MCUs passing out messages other than network messages.
  • [API] Added: Added sided version of block drivers, deprecated non-sided one.
  • [API] Added: Processors/Memory may now define a provided call budget.
  • [API] Changed: Geolyzer related events due to custom scan area.


Version 1.6.0 Beta 2

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Jun 6, 2016 · 131 commits to OC1.6-MC1.7.10 since this release

Let's pretend that RC never happened. Not because it was broken, just because I did some things that need more testing again, so we're back to beta!

This is not final. In particular, this is still missing the rework of install.lua. Right now it's a bit annoying to work with the driver loot disks, since you'll have to copy over the files manually, if you don't want to have a couple of disk drives attached to your computers. Specifically, you'll need the internet, generator and data loot disks for the libs and programs that were probably magically appearing when their corresponding components were installed in a computer/robot/...


Version 1.6.0 Beta 1

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Mar 12, 2016 · 227 commits to OC1.6-MC1.7.10 since this release

Make a backup before updating to the beta!

In particular if you're on 1.8.9, because remapping is apparently broken currently, meaning old server racks will go poof.

Full changelog when 1.6 gets released. This beta is to hopefully get some more people to break the current version.


Patch 1.5.22

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Jan 31, 2016 · 1 commit to OC1.5-MC1.7.10 since this release

  • Fixed things.
  • [MC 1.8.8/9] Fixed metadata computation of some rotatable blocks (e.g. screens, keyboards), leading to funky effects (them turning into blocks from other mods typically).

Updated 2016-02-07: Hotfix for new GC sandboxing breaking old OpenOS installations (and potentially other scripts). Please re-download. Terribly sorry about this!


Patch 1.5.21 Hotfix 1

@fnuecke fnuecke released this Dec 29, 2015 · 7 commits to OC1.5-MC1.7.10 since this release

  • Hotfix for TIS-3D integration, because obviously.
  • [MC1.8.8] JEI integration.
  • [MC1.8.8] Fixed rendering issue in JEI.