Preprocessor for SDS-C (better macros, #include)
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SDSCP - a SDS-C preprocessor

SDSCP is free software, available under GPL v2

Český návod ZDE

This project's goal is to enable better syntax in SDS-C.

It's a python script that works as a processor, digesting your source to a form which the SDS-C compiler can understand.


For more detailed info, see the SDSCP wiki.

  • #include directive
  • Function-like macros
  • Array-like macros
  • Double quotes for strings
  • Code branching with #ifdef, #ifndef etc...
  • Automatic code formatting
  • Fixed some SDS-C bugs (expression as array index, etc.)
  • Extra control structures
    • FOR
    • WHILE
    • UNTIL
    • SWITCH
  • Stack in ram[] - Used for argument passing and return values
  • Local variables
  • Expression as array index
  • Reimplemented functions (with arguments and return values)

How to use SDSCP

To run SDSCP, you need Python 3 installed.

It is designed for use on Linux, some small adjustments may be needed to use it on other systems. (Not tested)

There is a bunch of python files in the project, the sdscp one being the main executable. Add this to your PATH and you're good.

Then, use sdscp -h for the most up-to-date info on command line arguments.

The most basic use is like so:

# show output code on screen
sdscp input.c -d

# store output code to a file
sdscp input.c -o output.c

SDSCP generates a SDS-C compatible source code, or warns you if there is some problem.