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Ponzi Scheme As Web

You can find the project here: ETHPonzi


Provide a web interface for the Ponzi Scheme Contract

Development Setup

Run the docker compose with:

docker-compose up --build

Deploy the contract with:

docker-compose run deploy node deploy.js

The output should be something like:

Transaction: 0x2a0b58a28fef1ff12d01fbc74faaf5dc81fbbf3eb96d27ea2f379f7f49538bad
Waiting for the transaction to be mined...
Contract address: 0xdb9991ba60a929e8817aa511fe5fb6703bc34797

The contract address is 0xdb9991ba60a929e8817aa511fe5fb6703bc34797.

Copy the contract address to the UI in the contracts.config.js.

  name: "Your network name",
  address: "0xdb9991ba60a929e8817aa511fe5fb6703bc34797",
  endpoint: "YOUR ENDPOINT, probably http://localhost:8545"
  addressBlockExplorer: "The link to the address",
  networkId: 0

Use networkId as 0 for use a development network.

You can access the application in http://localhost:9000. If you are curious what happens at the blockchain level you can check the docker testrpc logs.

Testnet setup

Instead of deploying againt a local rpc you can also deploy the contract in a testnet. Let's say Ropsten test network.

First we should modify the script for deploy (deploy/deploy.js) with:

var privateKey = "YOUR_ROPSTEN_PRIVATE_KEY";
var endpoint = "https://ropsten.infura.io";

Then we deploy the contract:

docker-compose run deploy node deploy.js

and we copy it in the contracts.config.js along with the ropsten endpoint:

    name: "Testnet Ropsten",
    address: "0x56f7f47fbcc9cda2966dca64b8a53a8d567f21ac",
    endpoint: "https://ropsten.infura.io/",
    addressBlockExplorer: "https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/",
    networkId: 3

Since is an static it can be run everywhere.

networkId is the web3 output of getNetwork method.

Main Ethereum Network setup

As in the testnet but with an ethereum endpoint.