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Webapp example

The webapp example illustrates how we can put together a build system with a few key tools.

  • dev server with 3dub
  • copy of static assets with cpx
  • bundling with (of course) bit-bundler
  • process management with pm2

The configuration in the setup is designed to be resillient, modular, and scalable. Why this approach? Simple. After working with several build systems that couple all the pieces together under a single unified system, a few things happen:

  1. One piece breaks, everything goes down.
  2. Plugins that wrap tools that are unrelated cause friction in your setup.
  3. Plugins tend to have dependency versions fall behind, which makes coordinating with the ecosystem more difficult.
  4. More levels of indirection add complexity.

With the approach of separate processes acting as their own service, you can start/restart/update/stop individual pieces without bringing down the entire build system. Also - process management with pm2 is pretty magical.

start build

monitor build


To start the build system

$ npm install
$ npm start
$ open http://localhost:3000

To stop the build system

$ npm stop

To restart the whole build system

$ npm restart

To clean up all the pm2 processes

$ npm run cleanup

To show the current build system processes

$ npm run monit

To show the live logs

$ npm run logs

You can run individual services

$ npm run build
$ npm run server
$ npm run assets