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Contains typescript templates for geddy
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Contains typescript templates for geddy

NOTE: typescript isn't currently supported in geddy. If you want to try another template have a look at geddy-coffee-templates.

Disclaimer: This is work in progress and experimental. The main purpose of this project at this stage is to test a new template switch in geddy's cli.

Using from NPM

npm install it in your geddy app

$ npm install geddy-typescript-templates

Scaffold your app using the new templates

$ npm scaffold todo title:default status --templates typescript

Voila. Scaffold will use the files from this module instead of the default templates.

Installing globally

npm install it globally

$ npm install geddy-typescript-templates -g

Now you can create a new app using the base scripts on this module

$ geddy app myapp --templates typescript

Voila. v.s.

Cloning from GitHub

Clone this repo

$ git clone

Create a base app or scaffold using the --templates switch

geddy app myapp --templates /path/to/the/cloned/repo

Voila. Ditto

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