My retro programming projects for some targets including the Amstrad PCW, the CP/M operating system and the Z80 cpu. Includes a Small-C compiler, Z80 assembler, text editor, graphics, Unix-like shell...
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2048 2048: new project; game for the Amstrad PCW Oct 19, 2016
amstty amstty: right website address Feb 23, 2017
blocks blocks: added kslib libraries Sep 29, 2016
cf cf: allow key duplicates. Oct 28, 2018
cpmx cpmx: clear now compiles in DR-C for CP/M-86 also. Apr 14, 2018
dynarr New project: DynArr. Jul 11, 2017
examples zsm: new project; tools for the ZSM / Z80ASMUK assembler May 31, 2016
gdoc gdoc: another small amendment. Jun 3, 2018
glob glob: adapted to changes in LKLIST API. Aug 30, 2018
ks ks: documented. Jul 14, 2017
lklist lklist: Added LkUpdate(). Some API changes. Aug 30, 2018
log new project: log - simple logger for MESCC Dec 27, 2016
mescc mescc: update zsm binary to v3.4. Oct 10, 2018
minescpm minescpm: added GNU license file Apr 4, 2016
readline readline: new project Oct 27, 2016
robots robots: added GNU license file Apr 4, 2016
samaruc samaruc: updated EDFONT.COM Nov 11, 2016
samarux samarux: better documentation. Jun 6, 2018
te te: ask for confirmation on New, Open or eXit only if there are any c… Feb 22, 2018
ut ut: new project; unitary tests for MESCC Oct 20, 2016
wtd wtd: added GNU license file Apr 4, 2016
xpcw pcw: added bat files to compile some applications Nov 18, 2016
zsm zsm: v3.4, allows '_' as first character in labels in expressions. Oct 10, 2018
.gitignore Exclude some projects for now. Sep 23, 2018
LICENSE.MD First commit Apr 4, 2016
README.MD cpmx: clear now compiles in DR-C for CP/M-86 also. Apr 14, 2018
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update_project.bat Added cpm_player emulator. Feb 18, 2018


My retro programming projects

For various targets, including CP/M, Z80, Amstrad PCW, Amstrad CPC, etc.

Contact info.:

Miguel García / FloppySoftware, Spain


A clon of the game 2048 for the Amstrad PCW (uses XPCW).


Small tools for VT-52 like terminals (like the Amstrad PCW and CPC ones).


A clone of SameGame for CP/M and VT-52 like terminals (like the Amstrad PCW and CPC ones).


Management library for configuration files.


Some Unix-like tools for CP/M. Some are for CP/M-86 too.


Management library for dynamic arrays of strings.


Some small examples for MESCC.


Documentation generator from C and assembler sources. Supported output formats are plain text and html.


Filename expansion library for MESCC. It needs LKLIST.


Keyboard & screen library for CP/M.


Doubly-linked lists management library for MESCC.


Simple logger for MESCC.


Mike's Enhanced Small C Compiler for the CP/M operating system and the Z80 cpu.


A minesweeper game clone for CP/M.


Line editing library for MESCC.


A game for CP/M (including CP/M-86).


My GUI and related programs for the Amstrad PCW. Binaries only.


A Unix-like shell for CP/M. Includes some built-in and external commands.


A small text editor for CP/M (highly configurable; there are ports for various machines, operating systems and CP/M emulators: Amstrad PCW, Amstrad CPC, Spectrum +3, Kaypro, VT-52, VT-100, WordStar-like key bindings, CP/M-80 program EXEcutor from K. Murakami, CP/M Player from Takeda Toshiya, etc.).

It supports basic editing commands plus: find string and find next string, go to a line number, execute macro from file, help screen, etc.


Unitary tests library for MESCC.


What To Do; a to-do list manager for CP/M.


Graphics and keyboard library for the Amstrad PCW.


Source code and tools for the ZSM / Z80ASMUK assembler.


Each project has its own license; read LICENSE.MD on each project folder for more information.