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Welcome to Bodhi !

Some Questions

  • Does ocean of information that is The Internet overwhelms you ?
  • Do you find it difficult to discover the best video on learning fraction on internet ?
  • How about doing some exercise once you have learnt what is set theory ?
  • Don't you think you should understand how laviation works with live video and experiments rather then reading about it ?

Bodhi is the answer

Bodhi, tries to curate the best content from interent and maps it to topics and chapters of standard school textbooks on each subject. We are first starting with Gujarat Secondary Education Board and will hopefully support other curriculums as well. While we are at it, you are free to fork the repo and start it for other school boards.

You too can contribute !

Bodhi's curation and mapping efforts are free to use and free to distribute. In otherwords, it is community driven opensource project. Even a small contribution from you can impact many. Further, contributing is as simple as editing a text file and you can do it all online.

Contribution for Content and Curation

If you have found a great teaching aid (be it a video or a book or a diagram or a game) you can add a link for the same to this curated content.

Steps to contribute for content
  1. Singup/login to Github if you are already not.
  2. Fork this repo
  3. Edit respective markdown file
  4. Send a pull request

Contribution for Feature and Design

If you are coder or designer you might want to have a look at our issue tracker and squash some'em for us !

Installating and Running

  • Start the luminos server.

    If you are on Linux

     ./luminos-bin/luminos-0.7.linux-x64 run .

    If you are on Mac

     ./luminos-bin/luminos-0.7.darwin-x64 run .
  • Hit http://localhost:9000/ in your broswer.