A Uber eats style application, fully phone responsive, and uses twilio's api to text users.
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Getting Started

  1. Clone the project. 2.Create the .env by using .env.example as a reference: cp .env.example .env
  2. Update the .env file with your correct local information
  3. Install dependencies: npm i
  4. Fix to binaries for sass: npm rebuild node-sass
  5. Run migrations: npm run knex migrate:latest
  • Check the migrations folder to see what gets created in the DB
  1. Run the seed: npm run knex seed:run
  • Check the seeds file to see what gets seeded in the DB
  1. Run the server: npm run local
  2. Visit http://localhost:8080/


  • body-parser
  • cookie-parser
  • dotenv
  • ejs
  • express
  • knex
  • knex-logger
  • moment
  • morgan
  • node-sass-middleware
  • pg
  • twilio

Keep scrolling after the demo pictures

Demos of the app

Phone main

main computer page opened

Phone collapsed

main computer page collapsed

Phone main

Cart page computer

order cart computer

Admin page computer


  • Database holds every item which The Restaurant wishes to sell/present to the user
  • This includes the item's name, price, a picture, and a "category" - to allow for better organization in the menu section
  • The Restaurant's items are displayed on the root page; item name, price, and a picture, all sorted by category which are collapsable for user's convenience
  • The Restaurant's menu index is available on mobile as well - with altered graphics to best fit size
  • No login required
  • After making their choices, the user enters a phone number for contact and is directed to the order page
  • The order page displays the user's selected choices and awaits for confirmation
  • Once confirmed, the user order is sent - via text message - to The Restaurant (staff member)
  • The Restaurant replies to the order with an approximate wait time, which is directly sent to the user; the Restaurant receives confirmation text that
  • Text messages sent using API: twilio

User Stories

As a user I want to know when I can pick up my order, because I am busy, because I don't want to waste my time ordering my food in person and waiting for my order, I would like to walk in and out with my order right away, I would also like to get a reminder when I should pick up my order.

Given that I made an order to pick up, I receive a text confirming the local time to pick up, Using an Iphone allows me to setup a quick reminder just from the text I have recived, and with that I can best decide when to leave the house.

As a user I want to make sure I made the proper order, sometimes I forget some items that I would like,

Given that I made an order and submitted it, When I get to the orders page I can double check my cart before confirming it, Then I know I have not missed anything.

As a Restaurant owner, I want to check the orders that have been ordered,

Given that I can check all orders made to me via the admins page, When an order has been picked up, I can confirm it with a click of a button and remove it from the page.

Note to users

The twilio API necessitates the use of a server, Ngrok was used for the purpose of our presentation: https://ngrok.com