A link shortner like Bitly or Goo.gl. Go to readme for more information.
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TinyApp Project

Tiny app is a link shortner, a user can input a long, hard to type link, and the user is given a simple 6 character link (for example: website.com/123456) that they can share. Tiny app is very focused on backend, the backend is built with node and express, including ejs and cookies.

What Tiny app looks like

  • The login page login page

  • The page where users can register

register page

  • Page where users can view their urls

/urls page, view page for urls

  • Page where users can add urls

add a new url, /url/new page

  • Page where users can view a specific url and edit it

Edit a url + info

Dependencies used in this project

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • EJS
  • cookie-session
  • body-parser

Getting started

  • run "npm install" to download all dependencies
  • start the server using "node express_server.js"
  • shorten long urls

Extra features

  • urls now will indicate date created, how many times the short url has been accesed, and how many unique users(for logged in users only)

Things to note

  • since the site is not currently hosted on a short domain, the short url will consist of http://localhost:3000 + short link