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Local server

If you want to start the webserver after cloning the github repo, enter the commands:

npm install
node bin/server.js

then point your browser to

You can test the server by pointing your browser to
Here you can witness the possibilities of a 60-line-of-code webpage in Editor. You can...

  • Include and interpret data tiles (nodejs.fileread "data/pizzas.txt").
  • Modify the current username directly from the webpage (see how it's updated in the URL)
  • Select a pizza choice and so that it is stored and added it to the corresponding summary below.
  • Change the summary style (text, color, font...) directly using the DOM explorer.
  • Change the translation language
  • Edit the current translated sentences
  • Add a new translation language (go to the DOM inspector, and duplicate <option>English</option>, and then rename it to German)
  • Add a new pizza (same but duplicate a pizza option)
  • Rename a pizza wherever it appears
  • Add new translated sentences from the webpage (wrap "Final choices" so that it becomes "{:Final choices:}". After a roundtrip update, switch to French and translate it ("Choix finaux").
  • Remove one's pizza choice by selecting the first "Choose your pizza" option.


Run make update to ensure that

  • The sketch-n-sketch's version is up-to-date
  • node bundle.js is run to bundle the server code into the executable.
  • The version number is increased (via npm version patch)
  • The version is published to NPM's website
  • The same code is pushed to github

Publishing locally for testing.

Inside the folder containing the Editor folder, run the following command.

 npm install ./Editor

This will install all executables at the location given in npm bin and make them available in your PATH. This can be useful for development.