Reflex Tracer in C++ / AutoIt3
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Reflex Tracer in C++ / AutoIt3

Interface in 2.8

ReflexRenderInterface 2008/07/05

To use this software, you must agree with the End-User License Agreement. (See below).

This is a friendly user interface for the main reflex renderer, written in AutoIt3.

If you do not know yet what a Reflex is, go to the Youtube Video or Mikaël Mayer's website to figure it out.

Now, you can play, create, save and explore your own creations!


  • If you click on the picture, you can drag it.
  • Use "A" to drag, "Z" to zoom in, and "E" to zoom out.
  • Use "R" to go to the previous window, and "T" to go to the next one.


Q: Why are the functions randf and randh always giving the same formulas? A: This is a current limitation due to the fact that the seed used in the main program, is always the same. The Pocket PC version does not have this problem.

Q: Why are the errors not displayed at the right place? I wrote an unknown function test(z+1) but it told me that the error was at the right parenthesis!! A: The program tries to interpret the function as soon as it have the arguments. But I will work on that.

Q: I hit the QuickSave button, but I don't know where it has been saved!! A: Check Tools > Save Reflex/Formula to check it out.

Q: When I zoom too much, the Reflex becomes unicolor! A: This is a precision problem. If you want to zoom more precisely to a specific part, consider this code: o(f(z),z-(A+Bi)), where A+Bi is the complex you would like to center the reflex on.

Q: But even if I do that, I can zoom a little bit more, but I get the same problem again! A: This is a precision problem. The current implementation uses standard double-precision.

Q: Rendering is too slow! A: Consider checking "Preview" and put a low number in the percentage input, if you want to have a faster preview. Byt the way, I'm working on a parallelization algorithm to make it faster, and to use all the cores of a computer. But this is not finished yet. Be patient.

Q: I got some problems unmentionned in the FAQ A: If you really need to contact the creator, go to the About box.

End-User Licence Agreement

  • The author of this software cannot be responsible for any damage that the application could have caused to your machine, or to any machine the program is running on.
  • You may freely redistribute this copy of the software, but not modify it. To modify the copy, contact the author for permission.
  • You cannot sell any part of this program.
  • Don't be evil. Be fair.