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How to deploy


  1. Install clasp. Open a terminal anywhere, and run:

    npm i @google/clasp -g
  2. Log into clasp. Open a terminal anywhere, and run:

    clasp login

Integrate Sketch-n-Script in a Doc for testing

  1. Create a Google Doc. Open Tools > Script editor. Give the project a NAME and save it. The files in this project template will soon be overriden.

  2. Open File > Project properties and copy the Script ID value.

  3. Pull a fresh clone of Sketch-n-Script and then cd Sketch-n-Script.

  4. Run clasp clone NAME.

  5. The last step will create a starter skeleton Code.js file. Run git checkout Code.js to revert to the version from Sketch-n-Script.

  6. Create a file .clasp.json that contains the the following:


    Replace XXX by the Script ID obtained above.

  7. Try making a change to Code.js (e.g. change the string argument to .setSetTile'). Then run clasp push`.

    If asked for confirmation, enter y for Yes.

    You might have to go to to activate the Script API (change it from Off to On), and then re-run clasp push.

  8. Refresh your script page from the browser, or run clasp open to open the script in a new browser window.

  9. Go to Run > Run function > onOpen. Accept the permissions. A menu appears under the Add-on menu, click it, then Start to open the side bar.

  10. (I had trouble with the previous step: Instead, I:) Open Run > Test as add-on... and then picke a Doc on which to test NAME. Then, from inside that Doc, go to Add-ons > NAME > Start to launch the add-on.

Now the add-on is working for this script.

Developing the Sketch-n-Script add-on

You can develop the add-on locally or in the online script editor. To push changes made locally, run

clasp push

To pull changes made online, run

clasp pull

/!\ Be careful if you make changes locally AND online. The last two commands will overwrite each other's file.

If you made changes both locally and online, do the following.
Run locally:

git stash
clasp pull
git stash pop
clasp push

So that now the changes have been merged and are in sync. Remember to commit any meaningful changes.

/!\ Always pull your online changes locally before merging other branches locally.

Ignore files

If you don't want that clasp push some files or folders, note that clasp ignores files

  • That start with a .
  • That don't have an accepted file extension
  • That are ignored (filename matches a glob pattern in the .claspignore file)

Working with typescript files

If running the first time, install the necessary dependencies:

npm install

Typescripts files are located in src/. To convert them to javascript files in the add-on folder, run

npm run compile

Run tests

npm run test

Publishing the add-on (for authors only)

  • Make sure all changes are pushed online.
  • Make sure .clasp.json is referring to the correct script ID.
  • Go to File > Manage version, enter a name for this version, and click on "Save a new version", then "Ok"
  • In the online interface for the script editor, go to: Publish > Deploy as a Google Docs add-on. On the top right, select the name of the version you just saved. Click Update published project. It will lead you to the developer tools where you can update the documentation.

Pull requests welcome!

More instructions about the clasp command line can be found here:


The official repository for issues about Reversible Formulas - Sketch-n-Script, the Google docs add-on






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