Dotfiles would be the name of this repository if I had known the word before this name stuck.
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.mikaela .mikaela/keys/ssh: add Nokia1 key Dec 16, 2018
Windows Windows.reg: RealTimeIsUniversal must be 1 Nov 22, 2018
etc etc/sudoers.d/hibernate: allow suspend & change group to plugdev Feb 18, 2019
gpg gpg.conf: comment things I don't understand etc. Sep 18, 2018
rc bashrc & zshrc: alias startx="exec \startx" Feb 18, 2019
.gitignore .gitignore: add openbox/* && obclone: add script Feb 10, 2013
.mikaela_install Multiple changes: Jun 8, 2014 Update & finish arranging Dec 27, 2014
install install: don't touch xinitrc, that may be too unexpected Feb 17, 2019 add for backwards compatibility Dec 27, 2014

Config files that I wish to have everywhere. You could probably call this repository as dotfiles, but historical reasons...

Directories explained

  • .mikaela — files that most likely aren't suitable for places where other people than me have access too
  • Windows — files releated to Windows
  • conf — config files like .tmux.conf
  • etc — /etc/
  • gpg — GNU Privacy Guard config files, ~/.gnupg/
  • rc — bashrc, zshrc, vimrc…