Lightweight Java PNG decoder
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Lightweight Java PNG decoder

Usage example:

D:\lwjPNG>javac lwjPNG/

D:\lwjPNG>java lwjPNG/Test
reading image.png:
 image size power of 2: false;
  => downscalling: 128x128px;
 Bit depth: 32bit;
 interlace: 1;
lwjPNG: done in 0.02531405s
ImageIO read in 0.10986439s

Release notes

lwjPNG v0.02

  • Partial image read (image info). Now you can read whole image, by:
 lwjPNG.LwjPNG.init(inputStream, true);

       And than decode it, or you can call:

 // read image information
 lwjPNG.LwjPNG.init(inputStream, false);
 // now you can get it's dimension
 int w = lwjPNG.LwjPNG.getWidth(), h = lwjPNG.LwjPNG.getHeight();
 // than read rest of the data
 lwjPNG.LwjPNG.init(inputStream, true);
 // and decode, scale
 ByteBuffer buffer = lwjPNG.LwjPNG.decode();
  • Minor speed improvement
  • Bug fix for ByteBuffer position not set in interlace mode

lwjPNG v0.01

  • Support for 24 & 32 bit PNG, interlaced or not
  • Rescalle, see function ByteBuffer scale(int, int)
  • For more details, see
  • GNU General Public License v2.0