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Yet, just another blog theme for Hexo, based on hexo-theme-apollo.


  • LiveRe comment service support.
  • Code highlight.
  • Built-in hexo-tag-cloud support.
  • More comfortable with large screens.

Live Demo

You can see from here: mikecoder.github.io/oj-code

How to Install

# cd to your hexo dir
npm install
npm install --save hexo-renderer-jade hexo-generator-feed hexo-generator-sitemap hexo-browsersync hexo-generator-archive hexo-tag-cloud
git clone https://github.com/MikeCoder/hexo-theme-gandalfr.git themes/gandalfr
cd themes/gandalfr
cp _config.yml.example _config.yml
# modify the config file by yourself

Install Hexo-tag-cloud

This theme depends on hexo-tag-cloud. You should install this plugin first.

You can see from Here to learn how to install hexo-tag-cloud.

Enable the Theme

modify _config.yml to change theme to gandalfr:

theme: gandalfr

# Dependent on the hexo-generator-archive plugin
    per_page: 0
    yearly: false
    monthly: false
    daily: false

Change the Code Style

modify _config.yml to change the codestyle block:

# Styles shoule be found in the list: https://highlightjs.org/static/demo/
# use the lowercase letters and replace space with -
codestyle: solarized-light

Update to the newest version

cd themes/gandalfr
git pull





See @TODO.md