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Bing Image Downloader

Search and download images from Bing Cognitive Services

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Bing Image Downloader has been developed to highlight the ease at which you can integrate Microsoft's Cognitive Services into your apps.

It's developed using Swift 4.0 and provides two implementations for interacting with Cognitive Services.

Why use the app?

The app has been developed to solve two problems I've recently had. The first is my lack of Swift experience, having only toyed with the language since its release. The second is that I'm using Microsoft's Custom Vision service but finding images for the training data is slow and tedious. This app resolved both issues by giving me a project with which to experiment in and learn, while also improving the speed in which I can collect images for ML training.

Known Issues

  • The app will only process 100 images for each query.
  • Image caching need some work (still a little buggy)


Learn how to use Microsoft's Cognitive Services with Swift 4.0




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