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Mobile Cloud Workshop

Welcome to the Microsoft Mobile Cloud Workshop. We've created this workshop to showcase the speed and ease at which you can leverage Microsoft's cloud platform to build Data-Driven Intelligent Apps. The workshop will give you insights and hands-on sessions on how to leverage innovative scalable Cloud Backend Services for your applications.

Who is it for?

Although you can go and explore the content and walkthrough by yourself, the richer learning experience is attending a session led by us. So let's see, if we can schedule something!

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Key Technologies

What did we use to build this sample?

App Service
Cosmos DB
API Management
Azure Storage
Azure Functions
Azure Search
Cognitive Services
Bot Service
App Center
Build Status
iOS Android
Build status Build status


Guided Walkthrough

You can find a walkthrough guide for the project that outlines how you too can build and deploy your own version of the app and backend services.


  1. Setup


  1. Architecture Options
  2. Web API & App Services
  3. Data Storage
  4. Search
  5. API Management
  6. Functions & Cognitive Services

Mobile App

  1. Overview
  2. Network Services
  3. Anayltics & Push
  4. Chatbot
  5. Authentication



Where to find help

  • Create GitHub issues and we'll respond as quickly as possible
  • Ping us on Slack



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