Remake of Balloon fight by Groovy Gecko, created for the Retro Remakes competition 2003
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+++++++++++++Balloon Fight+++++++++++++
by groovygecko (

Made for the 2003 remakes competition at  A remake of the 1984 Nintendo game, Balloon Fight.  In it, you play a man with balloons on his back, and have to pop other little people's balloons.  That's all there is to it.


Left and Right Arrows to head in each direction
X to get your character moving


-Includes all the single player levels from the original.  After all levels have been completed, they replay randomly.  As in the original, there is no end to this game. 

-The original graphics, and lots of the original beepy little songs mixed with newer sound effects from the DIV archive.

Missing Features

-2 player game not included.  

-'Balloon Trip' game mode also not included.  Here, the player flys through an endless starfield, popping as many balloons as possible.  It's nowhere as fun as the main game, but I still wouldve liked to include it.


-Theres some in the game, but I'll put them here aswell.

-Everyone at div-arena (
-Peter, for being so angry, and helpful
-Woody, for saying 'I'
-Mike, if this game Goes Window, and for other stuff, perhaps.  
-Ferret, because he wants to be here
-Lovely people at
-Other people