@MikeDacre MikeDacre released this Nov 1, 2016 · 210 commits to 0.6.2 since this release

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This version changes the way outputs are retrieved from jobs.

Previously, Job.get() would return (exitcode, stdout, stderr), now it just returns the output, which is either the function return value, or the contents of STDOUT All other variables (.out, .stdout, .stderr, and .exitcode) are saved and the temp files cleaned up by default after get() completes.

The one potential downside is that very large return values get loaded into memory by default. That can be avoided by using wait().

Specific changes:

  • Make file cleanup the default
  • Make get() return either function return value or STDOUT.
  • Make .stdout, .stderr, and .exitcode handling more robust and less error prone.
  • Add link from .err to .stderr.
  • Alter test suite to work with new output API.
  • Add script to make multiple virtualenv testing easier