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COVID-19 Student COrPS Resources

Visit the site:

The student Community Outreach Pandemic Service is a group of preclerkship and clerkship medical and physician assistant (PA) students serving the community by acting as physician extenders for clinicians during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students partner with clinicians to make follow up calls to patients that the clinician thinks may be potentially vulnerable in some way, for example, because they are older, live alone, or are experiencing heightened anxiety due to the pandemic.

Normally, clinicians would call these patients back themselves, however, COVID-19 cases have stretched medical resources thin making these wellness calls harder to execute. Furthermore medical and PA students are largely excluded from clinical care at this time due to PPE shortages. These students are highly motivated to contribute to the crisis response and have sufficient training to work with clinicians to provide this follow up and emotional support to potentially isolated patients, effectively extending the reach of overtaxed clinicians.

Students do not provide any medical advice or medical care over the phone and are not acting as medical clinicians in any way. They are instead simply providing emotional support and relaying any non-urgent questions or concerns from patient to clinician.

This Repository

This repository and site are intended to provide resources to departments, students, and clinicians who want to implement a wellness phone call system run by students to check on vulnerable patients, provide emotional support to them, and relay important information back to the health team.

This repository contains all the materials needed to start a clinician:student partnership, including on-boarding materials, example scripts, note templates, and instructions on using Doximity and Epic for calls. The Epic templates and instructions will likely need to be adapted for each environment, but everything should be transferable. All materials are in a Microsoft Office format to make it easy to adapt them to your environment.

Detailed instructions are available on the site instructions page. If you want specific files, head to the Resources folder, or download the latest version of this folder in Releases.


The student CORPS is a product of Stanford medical students and the faculty at the Stanford Healthcare Innovations and Experiential Learning Directive (SHIELD) who wanted to create a way for students to be able to provide support to patients and faculty during the COVID-19 crisis.

The SHIELD initiative is part of the Stanford Division for Primary Care and Population Health at the Stanford School of Medicine.

The theme for this site (Reverie) was created by Amit Merchant. The site files are on the gh-pages branch of this repo.


Please let us know if you are using these materials or running a similar program, we would love to hear from you! Please also reach out if you have suggestions for how we can improve these documents and instructions.

The project lead for the Student CORPS is Dr. Erika Schillinger, please reach out to her with comments about the project or suggestions for improvements. For questions about the site or GitHub repository, please comment on GitHub or email Mike Dacre. If you are feeling tech-savvy, pull requests are also always welcome.

Stanford Division for Primary Care and Population Health