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DC801 2015 Defcon VIP Party Badge

DC801 and theTransistor bring you yet another fun party badge.

Defcon VIP Party Badge 2015


  • Parallax Propeller mCU
  • Atmega328P mCU (For analog and additional IO)
  • ESP8266 (ESP-12E) WiFi Module
  • Socket for XBee Serial Radio
  • FTDI with Selectable Output via Bus Switch
  • 3.6" LCD
    • 400x240 Resolution
    • 18-bit Color
    • ILI9327 R61509V Chipset
  • 2000 mAh LiPo Battery and Charging Circuit
  • Awesome HDPE / Acrylic Case
  • 2x Analog Joysticks
  • Rotary Encoder
  • 2x Pushbuttons
  • 10x WS2812B RGB LED Pixels
  • Charge / Voltage Readout Capabilities
  • microSD Card


Electronics Engineering

  • Compukidmike

Original Design

  • D3c4f

Case Manufacturing

QA, Assembly, Software, Loading, Misc

  • @d3c4f
  • @compukidmike
  • @animcogn
  • @aarobc (l3mur)
  • @doktorunicorn
  • @programm3rq
  • @mindjuju
  • @devil_bunny (yukaia)
  • @nemus801
  • SausageAssassn

Special Thanks

  • All you amazing hackers that help fund this project every year! <3
  • DC801 and theTransistor Crews
  • Utah Open Source

##Questions and Comments Questions and comments can be directed towards the following forms of communication:

  • #thetransistor on freenode
  • d3c4f [at] thetransistor [dot] com


@hamster has added a Software directory that is the start of a set of source code to demonstrate what is possible with the badge