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The Uninstall tool is no longer being packaged, as it keeps getting picked on by A/V software.

  • (All) Fixed the "looping" effect when scrolling through colored list boxes (Thanks to RandomStarfighter)
  • (XW) Created the Tour Editor, similar to TIE's Battle Editor
  • (XvT) Multi-select in FlightGroups and Messages [Issue #23] (JB)
    This was pretty extensive, several files were touched to get this going, including updates to Platform.dll.
    Allows for changing properties for multiple FGs/Messages, multi-delete, shifting up/down in the list.
    Properties shown in the tab will be highest selected item.
    Rest of the platforms will be coming.
  • (XWA) Removed "Not Identified" from the Status list (via Platform.dll)
  • (XWA) Fixed duplication issues in drop-downs (JB)
  • (TIE-XWA) Unused Messages are now listed in Gray
  • (Map) Fixed an issue with multi-delete (JB)
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Mostly updates for the clipboard.

  • (All) Copy/paste now uses the system clipboard
  • (All) Copying also includes a Text equivalant for external pasting
  • (All) Can now more easily paste externally copied text
  • (All) Copy/paste now works for Waypoints
  • (TIE-XWA) Copy/paste for Triggers and Orders are now cross-platform
  • (TIE-XWA) Pasting a Message when at capacity now fails correctly
  • (XWA) Redid layout of the hook dialog to prevent cutting off the list boxes
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Quick fix from RandomStarfighter

  • Set InvariantCulture as default to prevent text read errors due to localization

(Update r2)
Rebuilt the Uninstall application by removing a "nuclear" fuctionality, hopefully stopping false positives from AV products.

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  • (XWA) Color picker for XWA backdrops. Copied to YOGEME's clipboard to be used for the backdrop name (via Ctrl+V) [Issue #46]
  • Multiple fixes from Random Starfighter (JB)
    • (All) SS Patrol and SS Await Return order strings now show target info (via Platform.dll)
    • (XWA) Hyper to Region order text updated with token so it'll show number and name if defined (via Platform.dll)
    • (XWA) Fixed some CraftType errors in Order and Trigger strings (via Platform.dll)
    • (XWA) Also fixed some ComboBoxes when using CraftType
    • (XWA) Briefing icons attempt to load from the platform directory to account for mods
    • (XWA) FGs in map now also take into account Hyper orders for region visiblity
    • (XWA) Map wireframes load default profile to account for additional hook meshes
    • (XWA) Fixed an exception on GlobalCargo during save
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  • (XWA) Fixed SuperBackdrop region detection.
  • (XWA) Backdrop error messages with XWAUP v3 fixed (via ImageFormat.Dat.dll)
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Fixed XWA Backdrop Shadow indexes, apparent when using SuperBackdrops.

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  • (All) Redid handling bad waypoint values [Issue #56] (JB)
  • (XW) Converting FG Goals from XW corrected [Issue #55] (JB, via Platform.dll)
  • (XWA) Hook Dialog redesigned
    • Mission : Wingman markings, HangarObjects : Droid1/2Update added
    • Fixed missing Droid1/2PositionZ read
    • S-Foils hook support added
    • Skins (32bpp) hook support added
    • Shield hook support added
    • Can now handle comments at the end of a line
  • (XWA) Map wireframes correctly take into account craft rotations when not using Waypoints. Adjusting rotation refreshes map. [Issue #58, #59] (JB))
  • (XWA) "Tools - Mission Craft List" menu item to display the pre-briefing craft list
  • (XWA) Added explicit PlayerNumber check if Verify isn't run since XWA will crash at the Briefing if missing
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  • MissionVerify updated with "OR true" and "AND false" trigger detection for 1AO2 and 3AO4s [Issue #48]
  • (All) Craft Type dropdown now lists 20 items instead of the default 8 [Issue #45]
  • (Test) Fixed a load failure when testing a mission that isn't located in a platform directory
  • (XW) Converting from XW will sort the Failed message more reliably (via Platform.dll)
  • (XW) Briefing conversion accuracy improved in general (via Platform.dll) [Issues #51 and #53]
  • (XWA) And/Or values now match XWA's even/odd behavior when opening (via Platform.dll) [Issue #48]
  • (XWA) Briefing MoveMap command's accuracy has been fixed [Issue #53]
  • Number of things in the XWA Wav dialog:
    • Fixed the wrong EoM button being hidden when WAV file doesn't exist
    • Fixed a crash when using multi-digit battle or mission numbers [Issue #49]
    • PrePost text fields now clear when changing categories
    • PrePost text fields now provide a comment about random Pre-briefing WAVS when none are defined
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Couple fixes from Random Starfighter (JB)

  • (Settings) Fixed crash during SuperBackdrops detection if the Mega Patch isn't installed
  • (XWA) Fixed Region colors in the parameter lists
  • (XWA) Fixed Region names not refreshing throughout

R2: Now packaged with the correct v1.6 Converter.exe

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This release is primarily to add the WAV Manager for XWA. In addition to in-flight audio, it can also replace the WAV file for the briefing and pre/post mission audio.

  • (All) Fixed the path to the clipboard BIN file, was wrong in some cases
  • (XWA) WAV Manager (Issue #40)
  • (XWA) Added SuperBackdrop detection for the XWAUP Mega Patch v1.1, as well as general Planet2 detection