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Turns out I forgot to finish updating Converter.exe and package it. Oops. [Issue #25]

  • (All) Changing GG or GU value will now prompt to update references throughout if it's the only FG with that designation
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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Sep 20, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

This most likely isn't a full list of everything that's visible to the user, but you get the idea; there's a lot.

Lots of fixes and new features by Random Starfighter (JB)

  • X-wing 95 platform support added
  • (All) Tons of back-end stuff I'm not going to spell out here
  • (All) Theme support for shaded labels (orders, triggers, etc)
  • (All) Non-platform-matching filestreams now close properly
  • (All) Colorized drop-downs
  • (All) IFF colors tweaked a little
  • (All) Lots of controls throughout changed to instant-update instead of needing to leave the control
  • (All) Copy/Paste abilities expanded
  • (All) Blank message are now shown
  • (All) General performance improvements
  • (All) 'Enter' key commits control update
  • (All) Move FG/Message Up/Down buttons added
  • (All) Editor-only craft numbering added to FGs with identical names
  • (All) Fixed an error when there's no Messages and a Message trigger becomes selected
  • (Backdrops) Fixed some XWA-specific errors when loading
  • (Briefings) Loading forces a refresh properly
  • (Briefings) Tooltips added
  • (Briefings) Fast Foward now limited to prevent ridiculous speeds
  • (Briefings) Playback speed now shown if not 1x
  • (Briefings) Fixed/tweaked various display issues
  • (Briefings) Clicking on the caption will now advance to the next caption event
  • (Briefings) XWA Tags now use Icon number
  • (Briefings) New event button now adds after current line instead of at the end
  • (Hyperbuoy) Added Beacon orders, fixed Roles, and tweaked AD settings
  • (Map) Show/Hide functionality added
  • (Map) Selection controls to edit multiple FGs at once
  • (Map) Lots of backend work to improve performance/code handling
  • (Map) Keyboard/mouse controls reworked
  • (OfficerPreview) Now opens with a question selected
  • (OfficerPreview) Right-click navigation to previous page
  • (Options) In addition to the new stuff, added a callback to refresh the main forms after update
  • (TIE) Permadeath unknowns implemented
  • (TIE) Can now only launch one OfficerPreview window
  • (TIE) EndOfMissionMessages now display in their assigned color
  • (TIE) Officer briefing questions now have a "best fit" function to automate line breaks prior to preview
  • (XvT) Blank Team names now shown as generic instead of actually blank
  • (XvT) Order speed control changed to drop-down
  • (XvT) Extra craft options added
  • (XvT) PreventCraftNumbering, DepartureClock and GoalTimeLimit unknowns implemented
  • (XWA) Order speed control changed to drop-down
  • (XWA) more controls so Roles can be correctly applied to teams individually
  • (XWA) Extra craft options added
  • (XWA) Mission correctly flagged as modified after using Hyperbuoy wizard
  • (XWA) Pilot control changed to drop-down
  • (XWA) Message Delay changed to a single Seconds control, the previous Minutes value is now an Unk

And I took care of a couple things too...

  • (OfficerPreview) Fixed page count and highlighting display
  • (OfficerPreview) Bad characters now display a red 'X' instead of crashing
  • (XWA) Craft markings now allow values beyond the original 4 [Issue #21]
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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this May 10, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

Adds a couple of minor features and closes out a couple issues.

  • (All) Code change for splitting some strings
  • (XWA) Added distances to Prox Trigger display and appropriate ComboBoxes
  • (XWA) Added a label that appears for Escort orders to explain the selected Position [Issue #18]
  • (XWA) Order speed now displays as MGLT instead of raw value
  • (XWA) TriggerType unknowns filled in (JeremyAnsel) [Issue #19]
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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Feb 25, 2018 · 28 commits to master since this release

Couple of minor bug fixes

  • (XWA) Updated Platform.dll to fix Order WP inversion [Issue #16]
  • (Settings) Added explicit Steam detection for all platforms [Issue #17]
  • (MissionVerify) Updated MV to remove containers, backdrops, probes, etc from AI and Orders checks [Issue #15]
  • (MissionVerfiy) Made various other changes, covered in v1.4.1r2 release
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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Nov 18, 2017 · 30 commits to master since this release

This fixes a couple minor things and adds another requested feature.

  • (XWA) Added DTM's Super Backdrops support [Issue #13]
    • (Options) New setting on the XWA tab to initialize new missions with SBD
    • Clicking the 'Backdrops' button on the FG tab will change the text to 'Loading" due to longer load time from high-res images
  • (XWA) Special Cargo text box visibility resets properly when toggling backdrops
  • (XWA) Explosion Time control toggles usability properly when toggling backdrops
  • (XWA) Removed Backdrops from "Craft within 30 sec" count
  • (All) Added Exclamation icon to FG Delete confirmation dialog
  • (Backdrop) Fixed loading initial image if index was zero.
  • (Misc) Updated the install log to add the shiplist templates from v1.4 and the switch to MPL back from v1.2.3
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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Feb 16, 2018 · 30 commits to master since this release

This is a re-release of YOGEME v1.4.1 with no changes, but now includes the new MissionVerify v2.0 update. See the original v1.4.1 release for the change log.

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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Oct 17, 2017 · 33 commits to master since this release

This adds a couple new requested features.

  • (XWA) Added Hyperbuoy dialog [Issue #13]
  • (XvT/XWA) Made LST vertically resizable [Issue #11]
  • (Map) Form is now resizable, can be maximized [Issue #11]
  • (All) Added ability to replace default craft list, included templates [Issue #10]
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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Jan 7, 2017 · 40 commits to master since this release

Lots of fixes and new features by Random Starfighter (JB)

  • RecentMission startup improved
  • (Settings) MRU handling updated, ConfirmFGDelete added
  • (Backdrop) Fixed a crash point it if can't find the backdrop resources
  • (Briefings) Various crash fixes, better event movement handling, multiple briefings capability added, button images tweaked
  • (GoalSummary) New feature
  • (All) FG Goal Summary
  • (All) Various crash fixes
  • (All) MRU capability
  • (All) Delete menu item, delete key capture
  • (All) Redo open mission procedure
  • (All) Added craft reference adjustment when deleting FGs
  • (TIE) Fixed copy/paste trigger failures
  • (TIE) Fixed Global And/Or goal assignments
  • (TIE) Changing briefing officer now resets to first question
  • (XvT) New FlightGroup functino now returns BOOL
  • (XvT) Fixed SpecialCargo assignment
  • (XvT) Fixed various Label refresh issues
  • (XWA) Added Ion Pulse warhead
  • (XWA) Various typos
  • (XWA) Fixed various trigger indexes
  • (XWA) Fixed Special Cargo assignment
  • (XWA) Fixed various copy/paste issues
  • (XWA) Added missing ActiveSequence handlers
  • (OfficersPreview) Form enlarged to account for W10 window style

(This release does not have an updated help file yet for the new features)

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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Jun 7, 2016 · 43 commits to master since this release

This is a point release for some bug fixes.

  • (Test) Changed how YOGEME detects the running game due to how Steam handles it
  • (Platform) In-game map will now match editor
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@MikeG621 MikeG621 released this Apr 5, 2015 · 46 commits to master since this release

This is the 1.2.7 point release of YOGEME. Fixed last outstanding issue and a lot of copy/paste stuff in XvT.

  • (XvT) Fixed Team copy/paste functions.
  • (XvT) Added copy/paste mouse functions to Team listing.
  • (XvT) FG Goal strings were saving in the wrong order.
  • (XvT) FG Goal copy/paste now gets entire goal with strings and points, not just trigger.
  • (XvT) Updated Platform Global Goal implementation.
  • Fixed a bug where using the Verify tool with a space in the file path would show the full GUI instead of straight to results. [Issue #7 ]
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