Lazy code loading for Julia
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Note: this page is for Julia 0.7 and higher

For older versions of Julia, see


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Requires is a Julia package that will magically make loading packages faster, maybe. It supports specifying glue code in packages which will load automatically when a another package is loaded, so that explicit dependencies (and long load times) can be avoided.

Suppose you've written a package called MyPkg. MyPkg has core functionality that it always provides; but suppose you want to provide additional functionality if the Gadfly package is also loaded. Requires.jl exports a macro, @require, that allows you to specify that some code is conditional on having both packages available.

@require must be within the __init__ method for your module. Here's an example that will create a new method of a function called myfunction only when both packages are present:

module MyPkg

# lots of code

myfunction(::MyType) = Textual()

function __init__()
    @require Gadfly="c91e804a-d5a3-530f-b6f0-dfbca275c004" myfunction(::Gadfly.Plot) = Graphical()

end # module

The value in the string is Gadfly's UUID; this information may be obtained by finding the package in the registry (JuliaRegistries for public packages). Note that the Gadfly.Plot type may not be available when you load MyPkg, but @require handles this situation without trouble.

For larger amounts of code you can use include as the argument to the @require statement:

function __init__()
    @require Gadfly="c91e804a-d5a3-530f-b6f0-dfbca275c004" include("glue.jl")

and this will trigger the loading and evaluation of "glue.jl" in MyPkg whenever Gadfly is loaded. You can even use

function __init__()
    @require Gadfly="c91e804a-d5a3-530f-b6f0-dfbca275c004" @eval using MyGluePkg

if you wish to exploit precompilation for the new code.


For a complete demo, consider the following file named "Reqs.jl":

module Reqs

using Requires

function __init__()
    @require JSON="682c06a0-de6a-54ab-a142-c8b1cf79cde6" @eval using Colors


Here's a session that shows how Colors is only loaded after you've imported JSON:

julia> include("Reqs.jl")

julia> using Main.Reqs

julia> Reqs.Colors
ERROR: UndefVarError: Colors not defined

julia> using JSON

julia> Reqs.Colors

julia> Reqs.Colors.RGB(1,0,0)

Note that if Reqs were a registered package you could replace the first two commands with using Reqs.