Port of Lyle in Cube Sector to Mega Drive
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Lyle in Cube Sector v1.2

V1.2? What?

This is a conversion of the freeware PC game Lyle in Cube Sector to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive platform. I say conversion, not port, because it is a complete reimplementation of the original software's logic in C. The original was created using Clickteam Multimedia Fusion.

I am considering this another version, higher numbered than the existing PC ones, as once it is complete I hope it will be at least as good if not better. With a little re-tooling of hardware interaction, porting to other platforms natively would not be difficult.

Considerations of Language and Dependencies

This project is written in C99, and is built using the SGDK toolchain. All game logic is written in C with original structures and routines, and SGDK is used for interaction with the Sega hardware. The provided Makefile is for use on Linux / Mac OS X systems which have SGDK set up (in /opt/toolchains/gen) but a Makefile (winmake) is provided for use on Windows when absolutely needed.

While common C practices promote the use of a relatively size-agnostic "unsigned int" type, here "u16", a 16-bit word shorthand is used. This is because the Mega Drive (from here on "MD") has as its CPU the Motorola 68000. While registers are 32-bit, both RAM and ROM are 16-bit. As a result anything above 16-bit words will take nearly double the time to be manipulated in memory. When approprite, u32 is used in faith that GCC will place it in a 32-bit register and not use memory. Results vary strongly across different optimization levels and versions of GCC in use, so unfortunately this sort of manual semi-optimization has become important.

The Echo sound engine (by Sik) is used for playback of BGM and SFX.