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Reference code for demonstrating JavaScript, Node, and Functional JavaScript.

This repository grows organically as I add code to try out new features of JavaScript.

Even though web pages and web servers are the usual domains of JavaScript, I will be concentrating on the language basics here, and so these are all command-line utilities. The preferred way to run a sample code is using node, ala node sample.js. Some codes require babel, ala babel sample.js | node.

Occasionally, one needs to install dependencies using npm install --save coolstuff.

If you need help installing Node on MacOS, see Brew. If you're using another OS, you're on your own. 😃

Ready for the codes? OK, here we go! :bowtie:

Promise.js: Demonstrates Promise by asynchronously fetching Google geodata We start by kicking off an http request which will return a JSON object come heck or high water. That object is parsed and the Promise object is resolved or rejected depending on the results.

medalOTM.js: Demonstrates a functional pipeline with map/reduce. It requires ES2015 to run, and so you might want to check out my blog post on it.

heaps.js: Heap's algorithm. Check out my blog post on it.

objectCreate.js Explains object creation best practices in ECMASCRIPT 5,6.