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Ex Nihilo Adscensio

Ex Nihilo Adscensio is the spiritual successor of Ex Nihilo, the skyblock mod. Meaning "From nothing, with progression", Ex Nihilo Adscensio aims to bring a little more depth to the original Ex Nihilo concept, while retaining all of the much loved features, and the ability to create everything from nothing.

Ex Nihilo Adscensio is created by insaneau (MikeLydeamore), who was the maintainer and bug-fixer for Ex Nihilo toward the end of the 1.7.10 modding cycle. This code is a total rewrite, from the ground up. Some assets (mainly textures) have been reused from Ex Nihilo.

One of the main goals of Ex Nihilo Adscensio is full configurability, which is particularly useful for the modpack creator who no longer needs to rely on MineTweaker/ModTweaker to change recipes. This system is driven by JSON, and detailed in this wiki.

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