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HookHand is a small web application which runs scripts from webhooks.


  • Runs scripts from a cloned Git repository or local directory.
  • Runs script and passes parameters based on URL path.
  • Webhook metadata can be passed through POSTed JSON or form data and is exposed to the script as environment variables.
  • Script output is returned as plain text.
  • HTTP status code set based on script exit code.
  • Run scripts in the background with ?background=1.


To use locally run:

git clone
cd HookHand
bundle install
SCRIPTS_GIT_REPO="..." foreman start

Alternatively, to deploy to Heroku click:

Deploy to Heroku


  1. Run SCRIPTS_GIT_REPO= foreman start to start the application and download the HookHandTestScripts repository.
  2. Access http://localhost:5000/test/a/b/c and see that it is running the test script and passing parameters a b c.
  3. Deploy to a server and set up a webhook with http://yourserver/test/a/b/c as the Payload URL and see that the webhook variables are exported in the format e.g. HOOKHAND_REPOSITORY_CREATED_AT=1412962305. If it's a private repository set the username and password with the SCRIPTS_GIT_USERNAME and SCRIPTS_GIT_PASSWORD environment variables (or set SCRIPTS_GIT_PASSWORD to a personal access token).

Configuration Environment Variables

  • REQUEST_TIMEOUT: the number of seconds a script is allowed to run for before being killed. Defaults to 25.
  • SCRIPTS_DIR: a path to the directory either storing the scripts or a destination to clone SCRIPTS_GIT_REPO into. Defaults to ./scripts/ relative to the working directory.
  • SCRIPTS_GIT_REPO: the Git repository to clone for scripts.
  • SCRIPTS_GIT_USERNAME: the HTTP username for accessing a private Git repository.
  • SCRIPTS_GIT_PASSWORD: the HTTP password for accessing a private Git repository. Alternatively, a GitHub personal access token.
  • WEB_CONCURRENCY: the number of Unicorn (web server) processes to run.


The above features are implemented. Will fix bugs that come along but want to avoid scope-creep.

Build Status


Mike McQuaid


HookHand is licensed under the MIT License. The full license text is available in LICENSE.txt.