💻 My dot files shared between machines.
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bundle bundle/config: enable multisource. Jan 23, 2018
grc grc: add ruby backtrace configuration. Aug 4, 2016
rbenv rbenv/default-gems: don’t need awesome_print. Apr 19, 2018
script Use Visual Studio Code (for a while) May 17, 2018
ssh ssh/config: add more hosts. Sep 22, 2017
.gitignore gitignore: ignore github_rsa files. Nov 8, 2016
.travis.yml Move scripts to script/ Aug 12, 2016
Brewfile Brewfile: use new dump format/fixes. Jul 5, 2018
LICENSE.txt Change license to GPLv3. Feb 19, 2017
README.md Cleanup variables, interactive checks. Apr 6, 2017
bash_logout.sh Use real logout scripts. Jan 30, 2015
bash_profile.sh *sh: various cleanups. Apr 19, 2018
bashrc.sh *sh: various cleanups. Apr 19, 2018
gitattributes git: wrap at 72 chars, add more comments. May 10, 2014
gitconfig gitconfig: enable commit graph. Jul 4, 2018
gitconfig-user gitconfig-user: add new umpr alias. Jan 18, 2017
gitignore gitignore: ignore testing files. Apr 2, 2018
irbrc irbrc: fix use with macOS system Ruby 2.0.0. May 9, 2017
logout.sh logout.sh: rename for better syntax highlighting. Dec 17, 2014
rspec rspec: default to progress output. Oct 8, 2017
rubocop.yml rubocop.yml: upgrade for newer versions. Apr 2, 2018
screenrc screenrc: configure Terminal.app scrolling. Feb 20, 2018
shprofile.sh *sh: various cleanups. Apr 19, 2018
shrc.sh shrc: enable Homebrew linkage cache. Jun 9, 2018
tm_properties tm_properties: fix scopeAttributes again. Jan 8, 2018
vimrc Use two spaces for tabs everywhere. Dec 17, 2014
vscode-settings.json vscode-settings: set zoom level. Jun 29, 2018
zlogout.sh Use real logout scripts. Jan 30, 2015
zprofile.sh *sh: various cleanups. Apr 19, 2018
zshrc.sh *sh: various cleanups. Apr 19, 2018


Dot Files

My dot files shared between machines for ZSH, Bash, macOS, Linux, Cygwin and MSYS.


Customise the contents of gitconfig-user. This is used for user-specific customisations of every other file.

Run script/setup after checkout to symlink (or copy) everything in this directory to your home directory.


I'm using these on all my personal machines.

Build Status


Mike McQuaid


These dot files are licensed under the GPLv3 License. The full license text is available in LICENSE.txt.