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@MikeMcl MikeMcl released this Sep 25, 2020 · 2 commits to master since this release

No bug fixes and no real breaking changes except toJSON now returning exponential notation (because its often more compact) and getting rid of the minified version and the Big.version property:

Added an optional rounding mode parameter to toExponential, toFixed and toPrecision.
Added a strict mode to disallow imprecise number/Big conversions when Big.strict = true.
Added a toNumber method.
Added a prec method to round a Big to a specified number of significant digits.
Added a version selector to the API documentation.
Changed toJSON to return exponential format.
Removed big.min.js.
Removed Big.version.
Renamed doc folder to docs to use it as the GitHub publishing source.
Added legacy API documentation to docs.
Added README to perf directory.
Refactored test suite, and add toNumber and prec tests.
Updated README.

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