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GCC 4.9.3 cross-compiler for Raspberry Pi (supports Pi 1) on Mac

It's hard but it's possible! (tested on 10.11.6)

I took me days and a lot of anger to compile this gcc-version on my Mac
Clang is a nice compiler but ct-ng support for Mac/Clang is quite poor.

The guys behind think the whole world develops on Linux...

Anyways - if this repo helps other developers to avoid reinventing the wheel over and over again I met my goals!

What I used to compile the whole thing

If you want to compile it yourself

  • Take the config-file from "config"-Folder, rename it to .config

  • Adapt the paths set in my config-file to your needs, search for
    I'm using zwo case sensitive disks: RPi-EABI and RPi-EABI-small
    You know what I mean if you read the
    instructions on Raspberry Pi -- Cross Compiling on Mac OSX

  • Make sure these two lines are still in your .config before you start with ct-ng build


And now - cross your fingers and hope the best!

Which toolchain do I use

Here you have it: arm-rpi-linux-gnueabihf.cmake


At the time of writing: CLion 2016.3.2 - which got nice Toolchain-support in the last release!

How to install the cross-compiler

Unpack it! ;-)
As you can see in my toolchain-file - I've copied the arm-rpi-linux-gnueabihf folder to


Adapt this to your needs


If this repo is helpful for you - please

It would be also cool if you star this repo here on GitHub