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Option Description Default value
blog_url A Google Blogger Blog URL without the trailing slash. Or leave empty to aggregate yours. ''
max_tags max tags to look for on the page.
For related posts widget to work on a post page, that post must have at least 1 tag assigned!
Note that increasing max tags will increase number of requests made to Blogger API and thus slowing down the widget!
posts_per_tag Max. posts to be query per tag -this option has no effect on recent posts widget.
Note that increasing max posts per tag will make each request take longer time!
max_posts Specify a max posts to appear to remove extra ones that are least relevant or set to 0 to keep them all.
For recent posts widget this option specify number of posts to return.
tags don't specify any tags and they are read from page content. or specify a fixed list to aggregate like ['jQuery','twitter'] - but note that tags are case-sensitive!.
Also setting it to empty array [] will make it work as recent posts widget all the time.
loading_class CSS class will be set on list until widget is loaded which you can use it style it with AJAX icon on the background. 'rpw-loading'
related_title H2 Title to be added for related posts widget. leave empty to disable. 'Related Posts'
recent_title H2 Title to be added for recent posts widget. leave empty to disable. 'Recent Posts'
thumbs By default showing posts thumbnails is enabled, to disable set this to 0 1
titles Each post link will contain the post title, you might disable titles by setting this to 0 and show thumbnails instead. 1
thumb_default Default image URL to use as a thumbnail for posts that don't have one.
- To avoid having a post without a thumbnail you should know that Blogger uses first image in post as the thumbnail and Only images uploaded through Blogger to PicasaWeb are available as thumbnails.
thumb_size Blogger images are uploaded to your Picasa web album. Picasa offers images in multiple dimensions -available as both cropped and un-cropped sizes.
As an example, to retrieve a 72 pixel image that is cropped, you would specify 's72-c', while to retrieve the uncropped image, you would specify 's72'. Other accepted cropped and uncropped sizes are:
32, 48, 64, 72, 104, 144, 150, 160

The following sizes are available as uncropped sizes only. Pass the size value like this 's400'. Other accepted sizes are:
94, 110, 128, 200, 220, 288, 320, 400, 512, 576, 640, 720, 800, 912, 1024, 1152, 1280, 1440, 1600

Blogger uses 's72-c' as the default size for post thumbnails. leave this to default value to have thumbnails as is.
Uncropped size like 's400' returns images of 400px width and variable height.
post_score_class A CSS class prefix to be used to style posts based on relevancy. If you set this to 'related-link' and max_tags is 5 then related links can have classes like ('related-link1' to 'related-link5') ''

Timeout per request in milliseconds to display widget even if one of the feeds request didn't complete.
Default timeout value is estimated based on default settings. If you will increase 'posts_per_tag' you should increase that timeout.
Actual timeout used in widget = max_tags * timeout

show_n Number of links to show per transition. apparently should be less than max_posts.
If you set this number to 0 then transitions will be disabled and links are displayed as a simple list.
stay_time Time in milliseconds for a link to be shown. 5000
enter_time Entry transition time in milliseconds. 200
exit_time Exit transition time in milliseconds 200
animate What to animate for entry transition. by default is set to 'opacity' to fade link/thumb in.
possible values are 'opacity', 'height', 'width', 'fontSize', 'lineHeight'. (case-sensitive)
post_page_only You can abort widget if current page is not a post page by setting this to 1 which is useful if you don't want widget to appear on stand-alone pages. by default this option is disabled. 0
url_querystring Any query string in the container page URL will be ignored, which is suitable to Google Blogger platform.
But if that is not the case, you can set this 1.
query string: anything in URL that comes after ? including the question mark.
Container page URL is needed to skip posts with same URL.
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