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Let me preface by saying this is an awesome plugin! So happy to be able to type coffeescript into my console and have it evaluated for me.

Documentation for this would be key. I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff I don't know how to do with it and can't find a good documentation source to learn from. Perhaps just starting a wiki here on github would help a lot of people out.

I realize that I can pour over the source (and I will, just found this plugin about 30 minutes ago), but it would be nice to have readable and searchable docs.


thanks for the review!
i've added quick introduction to acebug

it's probably not good enough, as i am very bad at writing:( but may be enough for the start.
is it useful for you?


That is a great start, very useful. I'll have it open as I interface with acebug over the next few days.


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